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Lastminute Auction – Under $1, Under 1 Hour


A buddy of mine, Juergen, has created an incredible eBay auction dealie that only shows auctions that are under $1 and have under 1 hour to go. Need a bunch of crappy watches for .99? Check it out. There actually might be some good deals on there…

Check it out here.

WatchReport in the Times

Watch ninja Chris Cantrell over at WatchReport got a nice write-up in the New York Times today.

I caught him reading articles at a watch review site called

Confronted, he pointed to his rubberized wristband.

“It’s ripping apart,” he said.

Upon inspection, this proved true. But the model I saw on screen was no mere replacement. According to the review, the new $200 Casio G-Shock GW-400J came with features like a vibrating alarm, a countdown timer, a thermometer and a moon-phase indicator. To synchronize daily, it received radio waves transmitted by atomic clocks.

The only thing that stood between my husband and that watch was that Casio had released the GW-400J for sale only in Asia.

“I bet you could find it for me on the Internet,” he said.

Preview of the MMT Blackwater by Mk II

More incredible work by Bill Yao. This is badass piece.

Read all about it here.

The Odd Watches Page


An incredible collection of odd watches. Great looking weird one handers, etc.

Check it out here.

Mark II Watches New Faces

Very cool new faces from Mark II Watches. For example, the Bund I:
This dial is patterned after the diver manufactured by Blancpain in the 1960s for issue to German combat divers of the Bundeswehr (???Bund???).

Check them out here.

Epson and Seiko Create Radio-Controlled Movement

As far as I know, the current crop of radio-controlled movements can only pick up one station at a time. Epson’s new movement can pick up three stations and is only 3.5 mm think, a welcome change from the bulking movements of the past.

The solar-charged radio-controlled analog watches available in Japan at present are only capable of receiving standard radio signals from two transmitters in Japan (Fukushima and Kyushu). These watches are unable to handle different radio frequencies and time codes2 from other countries, so they cannot receive radio signals from other areas including those outside Japan. The new radio-controlled watch movement developed jointly with Junghans is capable of receiving radio signals transmitted from Frankfurt, Germany, and Colorado, U.S.A., in addition to the two locations in Japan. By selecting the preferred time zone using the world time function and receiving radio signals from Japan, Europe, or the United States, users can enjoy using a watch that boasts superior accuracy of approximately 1 second in 100,000 years.

Check it out here

New Watch Blog – Omega Blogger


A cute, toungue-in-cheek blog about Omegas. Welcome to the team!

Check it out here.

Charlize Theron Flogs Raymond Weil


So Raymond Weil is using Charlize Theron to flog their line of watches. At least she’s attractive.

Check out the release here.

The Watchcollection


I’m not going to pretend to understand what’s going on here, but Watchie Patrick has created a watch rating system and is showing off all his sexy pieces, including a ’64 Seamaster that kicks butt.

Check it out here.