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Back to basics with the Formex Element

Today, we’re reviewing the Formex watch that many of you are most familiar with. Previously, we’ve looked at the Formex Pilot Chronograph and the Formex Essence Chronometer, which is their take on a dress watch. In terms of design, the Formex Element Chronograph sort of splits the difference between those two watches, and we got to spend some time with a loaner recently.

Taking off with the Formex Pilot

In our last Formex review we were looking at the Formex Essence, which took the established Formex design DNA and slimmed things down, while still keeping the case suspension system. Today, we’re going to have a hands-on look at something that more in line with what you’re familiar with from the company, in the form of the Formex Pilot.

ERA Tourbillon – It’s Affordable!

Let’s posit a fact: unless you have some really deep pockets, or plan to mortgage your home, it is just about impossible to get a Swiss-made tourbillion. Now, if you are a collector on a budget like me, there is another option. This option is the ERA Tourbillon. The movement may not be Swiss, but for us this is a good thing, because it makes the watch affordable.

Slowing down time with the MeisterSinger Bronze Metris

As you all know, MeisterSinger is known for their implementation of single-handed watches. You may also know that, well, I’m not particularly a fan of single-handed watches. They just lack the precision in time-telling that I’ve come to prefer. So, why in the world would I agree to take a look at the MeisterSinger Bronze Metris? Well, just because I may not prefer the approach to handsets the brand adopts, they do create some lovely watches, and this one in particular I felt would be a stunner to see in person.

When the moon hits your eye, it just might be the Mühle-Glashütte Teutonia IV Mondphase

Dress watch purists will tell you that a dress watch should be simple – a clean dial, simple handset, no luminous material, and paired to a leather strap. That might be overly restrictive to some, so the eye casts about to see what twists are available on that formula. You may go looking for tasteful complications added to the mix, and that’s where a watch like the Mühle-Glashütte Teutonia IV Mondphase come into play.

Playing the blues with the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression

In our previous Zodiac review, we were also talking about a Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression – but today’s looks like a much different piece. There were two new blue watches in the collection that had been just-announced (and we briefly covered in the prior review), and we got to spend some time with the ZO9275 model of the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression.

Yes, it’s another GMT – the Armand Nicolet JS9-44

If it’s not obvious by now, I am a fanboy when it comes to GMT watches. And this is despite the fact – which John and Victor will gleefully point out – I really do not travel all that much these days. To them, I say “You do you, I’ll do me” and keep my GMT fires stoked up. Given that, it should be no surprise that the Armand Nicolet JS9-44 caught my eye.

Introducing the Berd Vay’e Passage through Time


Often, when one has a hobby, that hobby then starts filtering its way into some of the other “stuff” you’ve got laying around. Really into cars? Well, you might have some scale models on the shelf, or posters up on the wall. Music is your thing? Well, you might have gold records and instruments adorning the space. If watches are your jam (and you’re reading this, so it’s probably the case) your options are a bit more limited. Sure, there are coffee table books and a few artists creating interesting pieces, but most of us probably feel limited to just clocks and display cases. Well, the folks at Berd Vay’e want to offer you another choice, with their Passage through Time sculpture.

Introducing the Ball Watch Roadmaster Marine GMT

In many ways, it can be quite easy to predict what I may like. Does it have Batman or Bob Ross in it? Insert “Shut up and take my money” meme right here. More precisely, when it comes to watches, a GMT movement will immediately grab my eyes. Throw in some tritium tubes, and well, that’s buttercream icing on the cake. Which is why Victor knew he needed to send the info on the Ball Watch Roadmaster Marine GMT my way once he ran across it.

It’s the new old school with the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression

There is no doubt that, for me, the Zodiac Aerospace GMT was the clear star of the BaselWorld show this year. In fact, it was for a great many people, as evidenced by how quickly it sold out. IE, no loaners available for us media types to ogle over in person. Such is life of a popular model, I suppose. However, no sour grapes here, because we instead got to spend some time with another vintage-look watch from the brand, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression.