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The Christoper Ward C65 Trident GMT – a great candidate for the “one watch” in your collection

For me, there is no questioning the appeal of the Christopher Ward Trident lineup.  It’s how I became exposed to the brand, and was one of the very first watchesI reviewed from their collection (you can see that here).  At the time I reviewed it, the C60 Trident was a perfect fit for my tastes, as I was a big fan of chunky divers, and the Bond-style strap just clicked for me.  At the end of that review, the C60 Trident was my favorite from the brand, and has remained in that position since then.  Today, I find myself drawn to thinner case profiles and GMT complications, so when the Christoper Ward C65 Trident GMT was announced, I quickly reached out to the brand.  It was time to see if something would dethrone the C60 as my favorite watch from the brand.

Globe Trotting with the Christopher Ward C1 Grand Malvern Worldtimer

We’ve covered quite a few watches from Christopher Ward over the years, and many of us here at WWR have become fans of the value proposition they represent, along with some readily identifiable styles.  My earliest exposure to the brand came from the C60 Trident line, and I’ve tended to gravitate towards those.  Well, today, we’ve got a review of a watch that is quite a bit different from the Tridents, the Christopher Ward C1 Grand Malvern Worldtimer.

Hands-on Bauhaus battle: Nomos Tangente 35 vs. 38 Date


Anyone who ponders a Nomos must confront this question: 35 or 38? Most of the Nomos line comes in these two sizes (plus 39 and now 41). In our modern horological world where most watches are 40 mm and above, it might seems like bigger is always better. But it’s not so clear once we step back from the numbers and consider the watches side-by-side. I ordered two Nomos Tangentes (the classic 35 mm and the 38 mm Date), so I could compare them head-to-head; I’ll send back one and keep the other. It’s an in-house bout, the Bauhaus battle, the Glashütte dispütte. Leeeeeet’s get ready to rumble!

The December 2017 WWR Giveaway – an Auguste Reymond Cotton Club Q Orbital Moon

Hey, so you know how we like to bring you word of brands we (and, most likely, you) haven’t heard of before, right?  And you know how we like to hook you up with cool watches and accessories each month, yeah?  Well, today, we’re able to combine both of those things in one, with our newest giveaway for a Auguste Reymond Cotton Club Q Orbital Moon.

Oris Aquis GMT Date Review

If you recall when I told you about one of my favorite watches from BaselWorld this year (you can check that out here), I said we would be working on getting in a loaner of that watch to give you some hands-on impressions. Well, supply is tight in the loaner circuit for this model, but we did get to spend some time with the Oris Aquis GMT Date. Read on to see if the “in the steel” impressions lived up to the photos.

The Seiko Presage SARX055. A Grand Seiko for the every man?

Are you a fan of the Grand Seiko “Snowflake”? If you’re a watch geek and you’re breathing, chances are you probably wouldn’t kick the Snowflake out of bed, right? Unfortunately, even as an “entry level” piece to the world of Grand Seiko, the Snowflake remains firmly in the would-love-to-own-it-but-can’t-afford it bucket for the vast majority of us. Until now. Well, kind of.

For your review – the Davosa Ternos GMT “Batman”

When it comes to iconic, readily-recognizable designs in the watch world, Rolex is certainly a brand that would be on the tip of most peoples’ tongues.  This is evidenced by our own coverage here, as we have looked at quite a variety of watches that pay homage to the Crown.  While there are certainly no end to the cheap (and cheaply built) in that arena, there are plenty of options (still affordable) for those looking for quality in their build.  Today, we’re having a look at another in that end of the spectrum, the Davosa Professional GMT.

A new Grand Seiko – it’s quartz, it’s GMT, and it’s lovely

Back at the end of August, it was almost like Grand Seiko knew it was my birthday.  You see, it was that day that they decided to announce two new watches commemorating some 25-year anniversaries.  While there were two styles introduced, my interest immediately went to the Grand Seiko Quartz GMT.

Diving into the Shinola Lake Michigan Monster

As I mentioned in our preview article on the new Shinola Monster automatics just a few days ago, we were going to be working on a hands-on review of the Shinola Lake Michigan Monster.  Why the Lake Michigan?  Well, for starters, it’s the lake between the town I call home (Chicago) and the one I used to call home (Detroit).  Not only that, it’s in a rather lovely shade of blue as well.  As you can see, an easy call to me.  So, let’s get into a closer look at the Shinola Lake Michigan Monster.

Flying High with the Oris Big Crown ProPilot GMT

As you may have noticed, I have been working specifically to focus in on reviewing GMT watches lately.  This has been my favorite complication for some time now, and I am of course aware of some of the “big” models that are out there, the ones everyone thinks of from Switzerland.  That said, there are plenty of implementations of the GMT movements, both Swiss and otherwise.  Today, we’ll be having a look at the Oris Big Crown ProPilot GMT.