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Introducing the Hamilton Khaki Converter lineup

When you’re thinking about aviation-oriented watches that have a bezel-based slide rule on it, you’re likely thinking of one of two brands – Breitling, or the Citizen Nighthawk. Now, those present on two very different ends of the pricing spectrum. Want something a bit more down the middle? That’s where the new Hamilton Khaki Converter watches come in.

Another military edition – the Christopher Ward C60 Lympstone

Christopher Ward has definitely embraced expanding their watches into military designs. We actually brought you a hands-on review of one of their more vintage-oriented ones. If you prefer your military watches to be more modern – and approved by a military branch – then you’ll want to take note of the Christopher Ward C60 Lympstone.

Hit the depths with the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Deepquest II


So, last week, I wrote about the first Ball watch with flat tubes on the handset, the Ball Engineer II Timetrekker. In that article, I had wished to see flat tubes on the dial as well – and wouldn’t you know it, that’s precisely what the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Deepquest II has on offer.

Just in time for cooler temps – it’s the Shinola Ice Monster

It’s been a minute since we’ve had a new release in the diving-focused line from Shinola. Most recently it was their bronze variant (which we covered here), and before that we went hands-on with the Lake Michigan Monster (here). Well, here comes winter, and a new watch perfect for that color palette – the Shinola Ice Monster.

Introducing the Ball Engineer II Timetrekker

You know me, watch friends – I like GMT complications, I’m a big fan of tritium tubes, and I really dig a cyclops over a date window. Mix all of those together, and you certainly have my attention, and Ball has done that in the past. Well, this time, they’ve taken things up a notch by finally doing something I’d hope they do for awhile now – put flat tritium tubes onto the handset! That’s right – the Ball Engineer II Timetrekker has done something new.

Salvage the selvedge with the Oris X Momotaro Divers 65


At this point in time, you are no doubt familiar with the Oris Divers 65 lineup. You may own one, have a friend that has one, or you’ve seen reviews on the line (such as this one from Victor). I last looked at one almost three years ago (here), but when the Oris X Momotaro version came up for a review loaner, I was intrigued.

The Grand Seiko SBGR321 is a slice of sunrise for your wrist

I cannot say that I’ve ever seen Mt. Iwate, let alone a sunrise washing over it. However, for their 60th annivesary, Grand Seiko has released a watch – the SBGR321 – that pulls inspiration from that early-morning scene.

The Zenith Defy doesn’t care if you like black or white

That’s right – when I saw the word of this new release from Zenith, that Michael Jackson tune is what immediately came to mind. Then again, that’s a message that these watches aren’t coming anywhere near. It just so happens that the Zenith Defy 21 and Defy Classic Black & White seamlessly combine the two hues.

Introducing the latest Ball Roadmaster Archangel

We here at WWR are big fans of tritium in watches, and Ball has been doing it that up on their dials for ages. Within their lineup, I’ve got specific things that I like (and like less), but anytime there’s a cyclops showing up on the crystal, I like to take a closer look. As luck would have it, two of the recently-released Ball Roadmaster Archangel models have that precise feature.

Panerai brings two new watches to the table to close out summer


Pandemic? What pandemic? OH, that one. Well, it’s here for awhile, and product development cycles are long and deliver when they deliver. So, while you might wonder at the idea of launching luxury watches these days, the product lifecycle must go on. Which is how we’re arriving at talking about two new watches from Paneai.