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IE Problems


I’m trying to avoid problems with IE and redoing with entire stylesheet so things might be a little weird for a bit. Very frustrating process. Oh well.

Patek Philippe 5970 – Worthless

Patek screws up. Big time.

What? What’s the problem? Well, you simply cannot rapidly and accurately read the stopwatch time between 27 and 33 seconds as the calender cuts in to the stopwatch scale. 0/10 for function Patek. Sorry, but it’s just not acceptable to make GLARING FUNCTIONAL ERRORS on watches this expensive. However, it is becoming more and more common through the industry. I can quote other examples but why bother? Nobody seems interested. These type of watches remain sales successes with the general public and get worshipped even by the cognoscenti. Here’s the 5970 and question is, what’s the stopwatch time?

Patek Philippe 5970 – Pasta Timer or True Chronograph? [Velociphile’s Journey into Watches]

Wear Your Nice Watch or Not?


Nice fat thread about wearing a “nice” watch – do it or not? I wear my Speedmaster to death. No reason to treat these things with kid gloves.

How does everyone feel about wearing their nice watches to work and around the house? One one hand I feel that I spent alot of money on these watches and I should enjoy wearing them even with the chance that they could get a scratch or mark on them. One the other hand I don’t want to get them scratched or damaged. I’m not talking about a $10, 000 watch. But more like $500 to $2500 watches. I’m leaning toward’s “just wear them and enjoy them.”

Check it out here.

Greatest Loves, Worst Disappointments


Great thread on WatchUSeek: Best Surprises and Worst Disappointments.

The opinions expressed on this forum have helped my greatly in determining which watches to buy. Just wondering what the consensus is on this: What have been your “best surprises” and “worst disappointments” since you have been buying watches (especially online) based on quality, meeting of expectations, etc.

Biggest losers? Tag Heuer and Invicta. Who’d a thunk it?

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Newton & Sons – Hunk of Junk?


Good thread on Newton & Sons, a notorious non-brand on Ebay. Good? Bad? Eh. If you want a cheap watch with little pedigree, go for it. As I’ve learned, it takes all kinds. However, it’s not a respected brand.

Consider this reply, for example:
Right, Newton-sons pretends to be high quality and they are not. That┬┤s why N-S have been blacklisted on a German watch forum some time ago.

Buyer beware, as they say.

Check it out here.

Kobold Discussion – Why Is It So Expensive?

Nice thread on watchuseek.com about Kobold watches – Good stuff, but spensive as hell.

Check it out here.

My Love/Hate Relationship


I’m using Windows Vista right now because my Mac Mini EXPLODED and is being repaired. Vista is pretty cool.

This is also why I haven’t been posting much.

COSC Chronometer Certification Down for 2004


Timezone has some info on COSC Certification for 2004. COSC Certification is a pretty arbitrary certification of a time-piece, allowing it to be considered a “superlative chronometer” or some such pish-posh. It looks nice on the face and makes your watch more ‘spensive.

The number of timepieces registered fell by 10.4%, to 1,137,716 (1,104,691 in the mechanical category, -10.6%, and 33,025 in the quartz category, -3.8%). “In view of the behaviour of watch markets in 2004, this result could be seen as surprising,” writes the COSC in its annual report. “The findings must however be viewed in a relative context, possibly reflecting a depletion of stocks,” it points out

Read the rest here.

Swiss Exports top $4.34 Billion So Far


Ok. So they’re exporting $4.34 billion in watches. I would say 5% of those are the $10K-$40K range and 1% are the JLC Monsters in the $40K+ range. The real Sultan of Burundi watches. So what rarities are really moving out the door? $4K Rolexen and $1-9K everybody else including Omega, Panerai, etc.

Ladies and gentlemen… when we buy expensive watches, we are buying something as mass-produced as an iPod. I agree that even the iPods are elegant and beautiful, but I’m wondering how many of us are buying as an investment? Generally, I would rethink that strategy.

The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH) announced that the value of Swiss watches exported for the first six months of this year topped $4.34 billion, rising 11 percent over the same period last year and exceeding forecasts.

Finished watches constituted the bulk of that growth, FH reports. The value of finished Swiss watch exports reached $3.95 billion for the six-month period, growing 12.3 percent compared to the same period in 2004.

Check out the article here.

Would You Wear Your Watch To Jamaica


An interesting thread over at WatchUSeek. Eric asks if he should wear his Planet Ocean to Jamaica. First, do any street toughs know what a Planet Ocean is and second, this brings up an interesting point: is watch thievery still a big deal especially considering the glut of fakes and quartz junk out there?

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