Armitron His-n-Hers Watch Reviews

December 27, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

  Coordinating things with your significant other can sometimes be a tricky thing to do, if that’s what you’re shooting for. When it comes to watches, you can occasionally find particular models that are presented in both a men’s size (say, 36mm+ case) and a women’s size (in the lower 30’s for the case diameter)….

REVIEW: Armitron 20/4852RDDG

December 18, 2012 . by Patrick Kansa

  Today is part two of our current stop in the Armitron catalog.  Yesterday’s post left some to be desired when it comes to the bracelet – how will today’s model fare?

REVIEW: Armitron 20/4838BRSV

December 17, 2012 . by Patrick Kansa

  It’s been quite some time since we’ve shown you some Armitron watches on these pages (see here).  Today and tomorrow, we’ll have a look at two of their newer models.  First up, we have the 20/4838BSRV.