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Swatch Paparazzi for $59

P10355842.jpgJust in from, a Swatch Paparazzi SPOT watch for $59. The kit comes with a one-year subscription to the MSN Direct service, so it might just make some sense.

* News, weather, stock quotes, sports, diversions, lottery, horoscope, daily diversions, glance, traffic
* Swatch city
* 5 different watch faces and animations

Product Page [Overstock]

Review: YES Zulu


WWR Reader and Friend Ben has a Zulu and really likes it. I’ve never really played with it, but this first look seems pretty interesting. Looks considerably more attractive than the older models, that’s for sure.

The Zulu from YES is similar in functions (sunrise/sunset tracking, multiple time zones, etc…), but several orders of magnitude higher in quality (titanium bands, sapphire crystal, presentation case).

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the details of the Zulu. In other upcoming articles, we’ll look at changing the straps, the various functions, and our impressions after wearing the watch for a while.

Wild Seed Inc. YES Zulu [RainyDay]

Review: The Blue Monster aka the Seiko SKZ213K1


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. For those of us who love us some Orange Monster, the Blue Monster is a tough purchase to stomach. Why improve on perfection? Why spend a few hundred on a new diver when old faithful will do? Well, friends, the Blue Monster aka the SKZ213K1, is a limited edition beast with a mission – to make you part with a few hundred bucks to own a limited edition diver with charm, pedigree, and definite bulk.

H.R.T. Tactical Sniper Watch

I’m not quite sure what’s going on here, but this watch helps you take out folks at 1000 meters, which is a great help to those in that line of work. Clearly, there is more to this than I can fathom, but it allows you to enter various pieces of shooting data in order to line up and blow away just about anyone.

Calculate point of impact by inputting critical variables that determine elevation and wind adjustments. Works on all MILDOT, TMOA, SMOA and clicking rifle scopes. Punch in data about the ammunition you are shooting and the conditions you are shooting in and the watch will display the appropriate hold over for a sure hit… It’s that simple. This enhances a shooter’s confidence to engage targets out to 1,000 meters with “whenever/wherever” portability. Data is easy to enter – even through gloves – with the most critical information arranged for fast change and access. Accuracy on your wrist!

Product Page [Telford]

1HE0NE Binary Watch

binary-watch.jpgReplace the 1 with a T and the 0 with a O and you’re in business. TheOne binary watch has a full complement of lights that flash to tell the time with either blue or red LEDs. What they lack in readability they make up for in looks. Stainless steel case and 100 feet water resistance round out the package.

Product Page [TimeTechnology]

Citizen VIRT Bluetooth Wristwatch

citizen-bluetooth-watch-mobile-phone.jpgWe’re not big on the wrist computers over here, but it’s interesting to see watch companies create stuff to compete with the stuff that is essentially driving them out of business: cellphones and their ubiquitous clocks. This Citizen monster has Bluetooh built-in so you can take calls on your wrist, like a mad-eyed Dick Tracy.

A small organic EL display is used to display name of the caller if the phone has an entry for it.
Another very useful feature of the Bluetooth watch is that it notifies you if you leave your phone behind.

They’re only making 5000 of these, so get cracking.

Citizen VIRT Bluetooth Wristwatch Talks to Your Mobile Phone


a1c188bc2dce0e254aff081a292faecb.jpgPlease, TokyoFlash, just stop. No more. We give up. How much longer until your watches just shoot darts into our eyes?

Time is read by splitting the display into 2 halves. Top half for hours & bottom half for minutes, and the day of the week is indicated by written characters MO, TU, WE etc that curves around the display.

i-Pattern LCD grid time Latitude [TokyoFlash]

Review: Suunto T6

B0002T67JC.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpgI love me a good smartwatch, and Suunto makes some of the best. This beast has a pedometer, heart rate, and bike speedometer and can dump all of your data to your PC.

The power of the t6 is not just from the heart rate monitor, or the optional footor bike pod; the power of the t6 is in the outstanding, (free) included software that allows you to sync your t6 with your computer. With this device hooked up to either your PC or Mac (via virtual PC),you can look at analyses of 7 body parameters including EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), training effect, oxygen consumption, energy consumption, respiration rate, heart rate, and ventilation. You can read more on monitoring respiratory activity in field, the accuracy of heart rate based V02 monitoring, and the technology behind EPOC and the other Suunto products by clicking on any of the hotlinked words.

Suunto t6 (Verdict: RIP Mickey Goldmill) [Spungle]

Pick it up…

Suunto T6 Wristop Personal Trainer with Heart Rate Monitor

Dot Matrix Watches


Looking very Phillipe Starck, these watches don’t it for me but they may you.

…these leather wristband watches are studded with a matrix of black LEDs that, at the touch of a button, do a funky kind of Mexican wave scroll effect and then display the time in classic Dot Matrix style – and a second press will display the date. Available in tan leather with yellow lights, or black leather with red lights, the Dot Matrix’s can display both 24hr and 12hr time, and has a built-in power saving mode, so the time or date is automatically switched off after three seconds.

Dot Matrix Watches [RedFerret]

Ventura Automatic Digital Watch

I’m not amazed by this – Seiko has had this sort of thing since I was in diapers – but leave it to a Swiss company to make this a big fat deal. Essentially, it’s a digital watch with a microgenerator and a unqiue Ventura style that the kids seem to love.

The MGS version will look exactly like the Sigma watch except the Lithium battery would be replaced by a micro-generator powered by the movements of the user’s wrist and the case would use an even more hardened material called Titanox. The generator will be located on the top of the case and will be visible through a sapphire crystal glass for posterity purposes.

World’s First Automatic Digital Watch