Valentines Day Gift Guide, 2016; For the Ladies

February 2, 2016 . by Matt Himmelstein

Gentlemen, what do you have, 2 weeks until February 14? Are you still wondering what to get? Well, maybe I can give you a few suggestions with the 2016 edition of the Wrist Watch Review Valentines Day Gift Guide. In general, women’s watches do not excite me. The majority of the ones I see have quartz movements, a mother of pearl dial, a few bucks worth of diamond chips and cost $100s more than the gentleman’s equivalent watch. In essence, they are designed as jewelry. But there are watches that are either made for a woman, or not so large they look out of place on a woman’s wrist, that are actually interesting watches.

Everyday Carry, Times Two

October 2, 2015 . by Matt Himmelstein

Since we are a watch site, I thought I would point you toward a couple of Everyday Carry posts with watches that I like, and affordable watches to boot. First up is this post from a commercial photographer. The watch is a common recommendation for people just starting to explore mechanical and automatic watches, the Orient Bambino. The watch is mated to a nice 21mm NATO strap.

Watching the Web for September 12, 2015

September 12, 2015 . by Matt Himmelstein

Another week is in the books, so it is time for another edition of our Saturday feature, Watching the Web, where we take a spin around to other web sites and find recent articles that have piqued our interest. We also use this as a chance to highlight the articles from our site that managed to grab the most views over the last week or so. First, from the rest of the watch watching world, I wanted to point you to a side by side comparison of two budget dive watches, a look at the HYT H2 Aviator, and a special Star Wars themed watch. From our own site, the reviews of the ManchesterWatchWorks Westminster and Vergennes watches, the Tactico Geomaster GMT, and the Tag Heuer AquaRacer Ceramic were all popular this week.

Taking a Look at the Orient Duke Automatic Executive Sport Watch

September 9, 2015 . by Ken Nichols

The words Duke and Orient don’t often go together in my mind, so when I first saw the Orient Duke Automatic Executive Sport Watch, I was intrigued. I thought John Wayne but instead I saw a classically designed mechanical dress watch under $300.

Watching the Web For August 1, 2015

August 1, 2015 . by Matt Himmelstein

Are we officially in the dog days of summer with the start of August? Where did the summer go? Regardless, we are at a weekend, and that means we have our Saturday post, Watching the Web, where we look in on watch related posts on other sites, and take a look back at our own most popular recent posts. This week, Slate (a news site) ran an article on the surprising watch it thinks will revolutionize the Swiss Watch Industry, Worn & Wound’s looked at the Seiko X Nano Universe collection, and ABTW’s featured a write up of the Rpaige Crash of 29. From our own pages, the Orient Mako, Redux & Co Courg, and the Æther Watch Co. AE01 were all top reads.

Introducing the Orient Mako USA

July 27, 2015 . by Patrick Kansa

The Mako lineup from Orient has been a popular one for a long time, due to its diver styling (and capabilities, one assumes) combined with a very attractive pricepoint. It has been so popular that there have actually been three iterations so far – the original, the Ray, and the Mako XL. While I am not intimately familiar with those three prior models, it seems that this latest – the Orient Mako USA – takes bits and pieces from the earlier models and comes up with a sort of superteam of styling.

REVIEW: Orient Ray

February 5, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

  Yesterday, we saw our initial foray (at least for this blog) into the Orient catalog, taking a look at the popular Mako.  Today, we’ll have a look at another very visually similar model, and see how it differentiates itself.