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Coming in from outer space, it’s the Gruman Sputnik 3

When it comes to the world of Russian watches, you don’t have a lot of choice.  Basically, you’re headed into the used aftermarket (and if that interests you, check out Kaz over at TWBS as that is his jam).  But what if a Raketa or Vostok is not quite what you had in mind?  Well, the folks over at Gruman have something they’d like to show you, with the Gruman Sputnik 3.

The Christoper Ward C65 Trident GMT – a great candidate for the “one watch” in your collection

For me, there is no questioning the appeal of the Christopher Ward Trident lineup.  It’s how I became exposed to the brand, and was one of the very first watchesI reviewed from their collection (you can see that here).  At the time I reviewed it, the C60 Trident was a perfect fit for my tastes, as I was a big fan of chunky divers, and the Bond-style strap just clicked for me.  At the end of that review, the C60 Trident was my favorite from the brand, and has remained in that position since then.  Today, I find myself drawn to thinner case profiles and GMT complications, so when the Christoper Ward C65 Trident GMT was announced, I quickly reached out to the brand.  It was time to see if something would dethrone the C60 as my favorite watch from the brand.

Coming at you, Straight Outta Newport

Guess who’s back, Rogue is back.  Back again, tell a friend.  At least, tell your beer-loving friends.  Earlier this year (here) we dipped our toes into the hoppy water of beer reviews.  That went over well, and so we’re back with another (and are working on some others with Rogue for this year).  Today, we’re talking about the Rogue Straight Outta Newport.

Keeping watch with the Phoibos Sentinel PY019A

Phoibos has a great lineup of dive watches (I previously did a review on their Ocean Master back in February which you can see here). In short, they are well-made dive watches that do their job. Recently, I checked out their site and found a new model that really stood out. This new model is called the Phoibos Sentinel. It was not a diver, it’s more of a military/field watch. I was intrigued so I contacted them and was able to get one of them in for review. Lets check it out.

Hands on with the Davosa Argonautic Lumis Black

Davosa makes some very nice watches. I have reviewed their Professional TT, and their 46mm Titanium. Both were fantastic. Now I have got my hands on their Davosa Argonautic Lumis and I am really liking this one. It’s a bit of a mix of Rolex and Omega, and it has tritium tubes. Lets check this out.

Casio goes all-steel for their new G-Shocks


The G-Shock is so nerdy that it’s become cool and this latest model, the GMWB5000GD-9, is no exception. Based on the original G-Shock models, this decidedly unsmart (but not dumb) watch features solar charging, atomic timekeeping, and a simple Bluetooth connection to your phone. Plus, now it comes in gold or silver toned metal, a decided departure for the decades-old brand.

The MagnaReady Flannel Shirt is definitely easy to wear

As you can no doubt imagine, we get all manner of random press inquiries coming in.  Some lead to some happy discoveries, and others, well, let’s just saw they’re for things you’ll not see on these pages.  As we’ve expanded our coverage into men’s style items, the scope of those unbidden emails has expanded as well.  One of the ones we’ll put into the “happy discovery” category is the subject of today’s review, the MagnaReady Flannel Shirt.

Staying warm in the Outdoor Vitals LoftTek Adventure Jacket

All the way back in November, we brought you word of a clever, super packable, super light-weight synthetic down jacket that was on fire on Kickstarter (when I checked just before the campaign closed, it was sitting at 37X it’s initial funding goal.  So, obviously, I was not the only person who found the project intriguing.  Well, fortunately for you (and me), I got to spend some time with a prototype of the Outdoor Vitals LoftTek Adventure Jacket, and am here to give you my take on the jacket.

Heading downtown with the S&B Watches Skyline

As I mentioned in our article on the Zew Box Luxury Watch Kickstarter, S&B Watches (also known as Smith & Bradley) was the main brand behind the club starting up.  While the campaign has closed (and was fully funded), we got to spend a little bit of time with a S&B Watches Skyline, the Swiss automatic offered at one of the tiers in the club.  So, you backers at the Executive Club level, consider this a preview of the watch you’ll be receiving.

Hanging out with the NTH Näcken Renegade

We all have brands that we look forward to seeing new releases from, and NTH (part of Janis Trading, as we all know) is one of those very brands.  So, when Chris “Doc” Vail reached out and asked if we wanted to take a look at some of the newer models he’s releasing, we of course said yes.  Victor will have a different one in a review soon, but I took a look at at the NTH Näcken Renegade.