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Sorry, Hypebeasts, the Moonswatch isn’t going to be sold online


If you’ve been waiting to pick up a Moonswatch online then you’ll probably be disappointed to know that Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek is going to spoil your plastic watch dreams. According to an interview with Fratello, Hayek said that the watches will be sold only at boutiques and not online.

Swatch has Father’s Day covered


Father’s Day is coming up in June, and there will be tons of “world’s greatest dad” gear getting gifted, we’ve no doubt. What if you want to mix it up some, and tell your dad that he’s a star in your world? Then you’ve got the Swatch Star Dad helping you out.

What the Moonswatch means

Like Obi-wan grunting on the Millennium Falcon, you may have noticed a great disturbance in the force. That’s because Swatch and Omega just launched a the Moonswatch, a series of watches dedicated to various planets and spheroids including Earth’s moon, Venus, and Mars. The watches come in multiple colors and are made of something called bioceramic which, is a plastic made of castor bean oil and zirconium oxide. The watches themselves run a quartz chronograph movement and use the same SuperLuminova that is found on the original Speedmaster, the so-called Moonwatch. The branding is Omega x Swatch – a suggestion that this is a crossover akin to a Supreme collab – and the entire thing is ingenious.

Swatch is Clearly heading to the Olympics


While these two recent Swatch releases aren’t necessarily tied to one another, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to put that headline in front of you. So, today, we’ll have a quick run through of the Swatch Clear line that just came out, as well as the watches they’re releasing for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

In Review: Swatch x Peanuts


Last month, we brought you word of a new Swatch x Peanuts collection (you can see that here). As I’ve got a few Peanuts fans in our house, this was a collection that we wanted to get in and check out in person. So, here we are with a closer look at the new Swatch x Peanuts collection.

Introducing: Swatch X Peanuts


Earlier this month, Swatch launched their collaboration with Peanuts – perfect timing, set as it is in the midst of when we start seeing the Peanuts specials airing on TV. My oldest kid has been super into Peanuts for as long as we can remember, so I was rather interested to see this launch announced.

Introducing: Swatch Big Bold Planets


Hey, you remember the Swatch Big Bold line, right? We reviewed one of the “Jelly” options not that long ago (you can see that here), and the brand has kept iterating on that design, bringing us some big blasts of color in the form of Swatch Big Bold Planets.

Just released: Swatch BioCeramic


Swatch is certainly no stranger to playing around with how they use plastics in the manufacture of their watches. They’ve done quite a bit with plastic and all the colors they’ve brought to wrists around the world. At the end of 2020, they introduced their BIORELOADED lineup, which brought some more eco-friendly plastic in. Now, they’re evolving that a bit further with the Swatch BioCeramic collection.

Introducing Swatch x MoMA


We all know Swatch watches – the classic, core line – as those colorful, plastic watches that get the job done (of telling time) while bringing hits of color to the wrist. Their latest release is a collection of six watches in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) that brings classic art to your wrist.

3 Lessons Learned While Speed-Dating Watchmakers

I recently returned from a week photographing the annual conference of American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI). I was there to teach photography and get images of the event that has been held annually since 1960. I felt like I was speed-dating at a club of modern-day watchmaking shamans, who openly talked about missing their watch bench and the trance-state in which they function as they solve our watch-wearing woes.  I learned a lot about what to look for in a watchmaker.