Black Friday and Holiday Deals – Updated, Again

November 27, 2015 . by Matt Himmelstein

Black Friday deals are in full swing, and the watch companies out there do not want to be forgotten. We have already mentioned discounts from Lew & Huey and on the Tempest Viking V2, but here are a few more Black Friday and Holiday Deals designed to get a new watch on your (or a loved one’s) wrist. And if none of these watches tickle your fancy, you can also check out our 2015 WWR Holiday Gift Guide.

Vostok: The Video

September 10, 2010 . by John Biggs

What do you get when you put swelling strings, adventure travel, and sped up images of men in lab coats together? Marketing gold for an otherwise unassuming watch brand.

Custom Vostok

August 12, 2005 . by John Biggs

Bibletoter at the PMWF created this custom Vostok. Very cute idea: print out a face, glue it on, and you’ve got a brand new watch. Who needs enamel when you’ve got paper? Check it out here.

Review – Vostok 24 Hour Aviator

July 22, 2005 . by John Biggs

OK. So this isn’t a GMT, but it has a 24 hour dial and, technically, shows two time zones, so it appears to fit the bill. Like many Vostoks, this piece feels like something that fell through the cracks in the 1980s – something post-Communist and pre-Mafiya that would be worn by mid-level bureaucrats and…