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Hands on the Torgoen T32 Automatic

Torgoen is the watch your friends can’t pronounce but will want to wear. This modern day version of an aviator watch has a Swiss, hackable, automatic movement and all the modern touches of an easy-to-read, handsome watch.  Today, we’re having a look at the Torgoen T32.

Squaring up with the Shinola Guardian

Once again, I find that Thanksgiving is coming up on the calendar, and I have a new Shinola on my wrist for review.  This is a happy coincidence, as I’m often headed back home for the holiday, which is just up the road a bit from where Shinola is based (you can check out our visit to their factory right here).  This is the first truly square case for the brand, so let’s see what the Shinola Guardian has in store.

The Division Furtive Type 50 Sets the Time in Lights


Well, as I mentioned when I finally got our long-awaited review of the Division Furtive Type 40 up, the review of its younger brother, th Division Furtive Type 50, would not follow that far behind. This is for a few reasons. One, it just plain made sense to group them together, as they are rather similar watches. More importantly for you, our reader, is the fact that the Division Furtive Type 50 is available to buy now, whereas the Type 40 has been long sold out. So, with that, let’s see what the Division Furtive Type 50 has to offer.

Christopher Ward expands the C65 line in a vintage military direction

For many brands, there’s a flagship watch. In fact, they may have several, and you know when it comes time for a refresh, you’ll see some new twist on the platform. For Christopher Ward, one of the legs that they stand on is their C65 Trident lineup. Recently, the British brand introduced models paying homage to post-war military watches actually commissioned by the UK Armed Forces.

Previewing the Casio ProTrek WSD-F30

Due to be released in January 2019, we’re looking forward to a full look at the new Casio ProTrek WSD-F30. This outdoor smartwatch features a touchscreen, GPS, various sensors, basic water resistance, and wifi/bluetooth connectivity. Stay tuned for a full writeup as soon as it is released.

Christopher Ward C8 Flyer Collection, a non-Flieger Flyer

Christoper Ward C8 01 Christopher Ward is one of our favorite brands here at WWR.  They produce high quality watches, sell direct, and are generally priced fairly.  They are also vary their designs, so there is something to fit most everyone’s taste, and they cover different sizes.  Of late, we have featured their diving watches, a number of auto-inspired watches, and dress watches, but we haven’t done an aviation inspired watch in a while.  I love my C11 (I own one of these), but the new Christopher Ward C8 Flyer Collection goes away from the instrument style case and back to the more traditional round case.

Valentines Day Gift Guide, 2016; For the Ladies

Gentlemen, what do you have, 2 weeks until February 14?  Are you still wondering what to get?  Well, maybe I can give you a few suggestions with the 2016 edition of the Wrist Watch Review Valentines Day Gift Guide.  In general, women’s watches do not excite me.  The majority of the ones I see have quartz movements, a mother of pearl dial, a few bucks worth of diamond chips and cost $100s more than the gentleman’s equivalent watch.  In essence, they are designed as jewelry.  But there are watches that are either made for a woman, or not so large they look out of place on a woman’s wrist, that are actually interesting watches.

A Trio of Kickstarter Projects

Melbourne Watch Co Portsea 03

A trio of watches have popped up on Kickstarter lately, one from a brand we know, one associated with a brand we know, and one from a newcomer.  There is the Portsea by Melbourne Watch Company, a brand who’s previous watch I reviewed, and liked a lot.  Second up is the inaugural model from Throne Watches.  Though it is a new brand, assembly is being outsourced to Smith & Bradley, a brand Patrick has covered.  Finally is the newcomer, Instrmnt Limited, with the Instrmnt 01.

Having a gander at the Seiko Prospex SPB071J1

While we have covered innumerable dive watches, and also like to dwell in the part of the watch world where affordability, functionality, and style all live peacefully together, there is one brand (and a big one at that) that we have not paid as much attention to as of late – Seiko.  Sure, we do love our Orange Monsters here, but we’ve not focused much on their new releases (which, given all I’ve seen of the Presage line lately, is a miss).  One of our readers so helpfully pointed out in our Slack channel a new blue-dialed release that he thought would grab my eye, and he was spot on.  Let’s see what the Seiko Prospex SPB071J1 has in store for you and me.

We Take A Look At Moduco’s First Offering.

Moduco is getting set to release its very first offering into the wild, and initial impressions are positive. The Kickstarter campaign runs through the end of February, and has successfully reached its funding goal. This watch will happen, so let’s take a look.