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Introducing the Mido Commander Gradient

Seems this year might be the year of the see-through dial, in some form or fashion. Not that long ago we had the lovely sapphire hue coming from Christopher Ward (seen here), and now we’ve got Mido coming on hot with their take, in the form of the Mido Commander Gradient.

You see it clearly – it’s the Christopher Ward C60 Sapphire

While you may not be down with all of the nomenclature, you are aware of the Christopher Ward C60 Trident lineup. It’s been seeing a lot of design changes and tweaks lately. It’s sort of like that universal platform that just lends itself to mods, it seems. The latest of these? The Christopher Ward C60 Sapphire.

For when you can actually go surfing, why not the Shinola “The Duck” ?

In the world of watches, there is no doubting the popularity of the dive watch. It’s an ever-present style in the broader category of sports watches, and it screams of robustness intended for hard use outside. The problem is – how do you make your dive watch stand apart, particularly if you’ve not got decades of history to pull upon? Well, you focus on a different aquatic sport, say, surfing. That’s what Shinola has done with the introduction of The Duck.

Reviewing the new and improved Gruppo Gamma Divemaster.

Back in 2017 I reviewed the first Gruppo Gamma Divemaster and I really liked it. That was a tough, no nonsense diver. Fast forward a few years and now there is a new Divemaster. This one is a bit more refined and has some nice new improvements. Gruppo Gamma was kind enough to send me one to review and I am liking what I see.

The Hamilton PSR is a literal blast from the past

Perhaps this is just a matter of my own childhood, but I remember being fascinated by those calculators that had the light-up red numerals on their displays. When I found that those also showed up in watches, well, it was just a matter of time till I had one (and I did in the late 90s, a second-hand Fossil one that I found). They were cool, but viewing it in daylight was a disaster. There’s a newly reimagined version – the Hamilton PSR – that has a slight twist on that display technology, so here’s to hoping daylight visibility is better.

Introducing the Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto

Many times, when a watch brand espouses their deep historical roots, you have to look at things through some major rose-colored lens to see it how the brand sees it. Then you?ve got Hamilton, who actually was doing what they claim to be doing. Which makes things like this new Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto calling back to their history, well, believable.

Did you hear about the new Alpina Alpiner Quartz GMT?

Over the past few years, I?ve really come to like and appreciate the watches that Alpina has been releasing. Back in 2016 I spent some time with the Alpina Alpiner 4, and then in 2017 it was the Alpina GMT 4 Business Hours. Why bring up those two watches? Well, frankly, a lot of that design language carries forward into the just-announced Alpina Alpiner Quartz GMT.

The Defakto Transit is anything but standard

When it comes to designs coming from brands that call Pforzheim home, it can feel (sometimes) like you’re getting a lot of the same thing over and over again. And sure, there’s a commonality there, but it can start to feel a little bland. And then you get to the stuff coming from Defakto (and the the sister brands Archimede and Limes). Yeah, there are some “standard” designs, but there are plenty of unique ones (say, like this one), and that’s where we find ourselves for today’s review of the Defakto Transit Standard.

Introducing the Marc and Sons Bronze GMT

Marc and Sons puts out some pretty nice dive watches, and some avaition models too. Back in January of 2018 I reviewed their 500M Diver. That was a fantastic timepiece. Well made, and offered at a good price. It’s been awhile since I checked out what Marc and Sons has been doing. Turns out they have been putting out some cool new stuff, including this Bronze GMT. Right away I liked the look of this thing and had to check it out.

Neminus Master Diver 1000 is bold as bold can be

Most watches are just “Meh.” The Neminus Master Diver 1000 isn’t. When I saw this massive watch with bronze case and hefty hands, I really had to get a hold of one of these. I reached out to them and they were kind enough to send me out one for review.

Bottom line? It’s amazing.