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Shoot your shot with the Hager Broad Arrow collection

At WWR, we cover a wide variety of watches (and watch brands), though most of our focus is on the affordable end of the spectrum. Somewhat out of necessity, and somewhat due to the explosion of small independent brands, we?ve covered any number of small brands. Some of these have been blips on the radar, and then there are brands like Hager, which just truck along and all of a sudden, they?re hitting the 10-year mark. While it?s not necessarily to commemorate the mark, they have a new collection – the Hager Pheon – available.

Back from the pyre, it’s the Tempest Viking


To borrow the phrasing from a meme – Tempest, there’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time. We had a lot of Tempest watches on the pages here, and they were the first to get the forged carbon cases in at sub-$1000 pricepoints. Well, we got word that the flagship Tempest Viking was back and available to order (until it’s gone forever), and wanted to let you know.

Got a Traser P67 Officer Pro Automatic Bronze on the wrist.

I have reviewed the Traser Aurora and Pathfinder. Both were very nice but one I have been wanting to review is the P67 Officer bronze and blue. For the longest time they couldn’t keep them in stock. Finally I was able to get a hold of one to review and I am loving it.

Hands On with the Shinola Omaha

I probably sound like broken record as of late, but Shinola has really been coming up with some releases that have resonated with me. Call it good design or the fact I?ve not been back home for awhile, but whatever it is, these are hitting like an ice cold sip of Rock ?n Rye. And just like that Faygo offering is different from most other pop you?ll experience, the Shinola Omaha is giving you something that you don?t see much from brands these days.

The Circula Heritage Automatic gives new life to old movements

If you’ve followed my writing for the past few years, you are no doubt aware that one of the reasons I like mechanical watches is the simple fact that they buck the trend of disposable consumerism. In other words, properly maintained, a quality movement can last for decades. This is nowhere more evident when a brand takes an old movement and puts it into a new application. One of the latest ones to do this is the Circula Heritage Automatic.

Diving into the Citizen Promaster Marine

Citizen is a brand that may not get as much attention or mindshare from us watch folks, and that’s a shame. They actually produce some very nice pieces, some with some very interesting twists. One of the more recent releases – which happens to be a Macy’s exclusive Limited Edition – is the Citizen Promaster Marine.

Getting classy with the Tissot Gentleman

While I was out on vacation, there seemed like there was a flood of new releases that were hitting. Some I let sit for followup until I was back home, and others, well, I couldn?t help myself, and reached out right away to inquire about a loaner. The Tissot Gentleman was one such of those releases, and today we?ve got our hands-on review for you.

Hemel’s newest releases are working on their night moves

You can blame that title on growing hearing Bob Seger on the radio all the time. Any which way, over at Hemel, they just announced two new additions to their Night Ops lineup. Since we’ve not covered them previously – and one flew in under the radar this summer – we thought we’d cover off on them all.

Christopher Ward expands the C65 line in a vintage military direction

For many brands, there’s a flagship watch. In fact, they may have several, and you know when it comes time for a refresh, you’ll see some new twist on the platform. For Christopher Ward, one of the legs that they stand on is their C65 Trident lineup. Recently, the British brand introduced models paying homage to post-war military watches actually commissioned by the UK Armed Forces.

Reviewing the Formex Essence Automatic Silver

It’s been awhile since my last review of the Formax brand. Back in 2017 I reviewed the Element Chronograph and the GMT Diver. Both were excellent watches, but were very large and more on the sporty side. Formex has just released their new Essence model. This model is more toned down and leans more on the dressy side. The Essence comes in both COSC, and non COSC versions. The main difference between the two are the some of the decorative elements, and of course, the price. I was able to get a hold of their non COSC Essence Automatic Silver model and, so far, so good.