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London calls again with the Thomas Earnshaw Cornwall Bridge


England always, as the man on the telly in V for Vendetta says, prevails. But how she prevails is quite important. To wit, we present the Thomas Earnshaw Cornwall Bridge, a watch with a name like something dirty a man from Liverpool would get up to but with a design that is quite pleasing and unique.

The Bridge has, as the name suggests, a bridge movement. This means all of the pieces are suspended from one end of the case to the other and the face is made of clear crystal. The entire thing is encased in a steel case.

Thomas Earnshaw is a newish manufacturer with a few other models on its roster including. Named for the great British clockmaker all of the pieces are named to match the British theme including the Longcase quartz chrono, the Beagle, the Flinders, and the Darwin.

The Bridge costs a mere $481 in steel and is also available in black and various shades of gold. I would wager that these handsome pieces won’t soon Brexit your wrist if you pick one up. We’ll have a hands-on review over the next few weeks.

Hands on with the Phoibos Eagle Ray GMT

I have done several reviews now for Phoibos and not a one of them have disappointed me. Phoibos recently contacted me about reviewing their new Phoibos Eagle Ray GMT. I was really interested in this one since – aside it being their newest – it lowers the entry point for the brand. Let’s see what you get for the money!

The Contigo West Loop lets you drop it like it’s hot

I realized something the other day – for the all the focus we give (ok, it’s sporadic, but it is focused) on the things we haul around every day (you know, EDC), there is something that is indeed a constant companion.  Aside from my wedding ring, I think the item that is with me the most – and used the most, on a daily basis – is my Contigo West Loop mug.

The Casio ProTrek PRT-B50 adds another sensor to the mix


When it comes to outdoor watches, we all know that the ABC stands for alitemeter-barometer-compass, and that the temperature also comes along for the ride. What about if you added another one? Say, an accelerometer? Oh, and hey, how about some Bluetooth? Is this just a marketing grab bag of specs? No, actually – this all creates a rather compelling outdoors fitness watch. Check out the full review over at Knapsack!

Double the Hands, Double The Time Zones




Sure, sure – dual time zone watches have been around for awhile, but I can’t think pf many that add a full second set of hands. To my recollection, I’ve also never come across what amounts to a single-hand watch (albeit doubled) that tracks a second time zone.

A Quick Survey Of Watches Around $500




Yesterday, Matt let us in on his quest for a sub-$500 automatic chronograph via a new watch he found on Kickstarter.  While he was underwhelmed, it did make him think about what else is in there in that segment.  While this listing is by no means exhaustive, it is a nice, 

Ziiiro Eclipse – Put a Ring on It

ziiiro eclipse 01Who doesn’t like a little glow in their lives?  I think that may be what Ziiiro is hoping for with the release of the Metalic version of the Ziiiro Eclipse.  The updated version offers one completely new color and new stainless mesh straps on their two hand watch which uses a ring of lume to illuminate the time, and a bit of your night life.

Ritot Projection Watch, Too Big to Ignore

Ritot 03

I view a lot of crowd funded projects, and have backed a couple of watch projects myself, but every once in awhile a project just blows up on a crowd funding site, and that is what has happened to the Ritot Projection watch on Indiegog0.  With the project slated to end funding on August 21, the watch project has already garnered over $750,000 in pledges against a goal of $50,000.  And it is a very cool concept.  I just wonder if it will ever make it past the point of being a concept.

Soaring with the Gavox Spitfire

Just the other week, we dove back into the Gavox catalog with a review of the three watches from their Stellar collection. Along with that shipment, there was another piece in the suede watch roll. While the Stellar watches are definitely dressier pieces, the Gavox Spitfire takes things in more of an everyday (yet still good-looking) direction.

Helgray Silverstone, A Little Less Vintage

Helgray Silverstone 01Helgray Watches came out of the gate a few months back with a four watch launch on Kickstarter.  All four watches were modern takes on a WWI vintage look, and, to put it mildly, they blew up with $159,000 in pledges against a $12,000 goal.  Now they are back on Kickstarter with their second, or is it fifth, watch, the Helgray Silverstone 60’s Racing Chronograph.