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Wingman Watches Aviation Designs Takes Off on Kickstarter

Wingman 01When I looked at the design of the new Wingman chronograph for sale on Kickstarter, I was taken with the simplicity of the design, and it looked like it was comfortable to wear.  When I read the “story” behind the watch, I re-read the same thing I read over and over again with crowd funded watches, countless hours spent designing a quality watch that would be affordable, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Then I got to the t-shirt they are selling.  “…we only had 2 requirements: Have a simple design; Make it ridiculously comfortable.” To me, this should have been the guiding principle behind the Wingman Watches Aviation designs, because that is what I see when I look at the watch.

Introducing the AVI-8 Flyboy Centenary 1940

When last we covered AVI-8 (you know, just yesterday) we were introducing you to their new Centenary collection, which is focused in on historical references, rather than pulling ideas from gauge clusters and the like.  In that 1920s review, I teased that we had a review coming up of the AVI-8 Flyboy Centenary 1940.  Well, dear reader, today is your lucky day, because we’re delivering on that promise right here and now.

IWC Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch, Bigger and Bigger-er

IWC Big Pilot's Heritage WatchDo you like large watches?  Of course, you have to define what a large watch is, and that varies from person to person, but anything around 50mm for me qualifies as a large watch.   The largest watch I own is a 47mm, and it is noticeably larger than the rest of my collection.  Well, now I may need to rethink my upper end.  The IWC Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch comes in two flavors, with the smaller of the two sitting at 48mm.  The larger one, a very robust 55mm.

Hands-on with the hands of the Archimede Pilot 42 GMT

As I teased in our original writeup a few months back, we were working to get an Archimede Pilot 42 GMT in for review, so we could see if our impressions from the photos held up when beholding the watch in the steel.  Well, what are you waiting for?  Read on to get our impressions.

Review: Debaufre Aircraft-8


scaled.IMG 5838

What you do know will hurt you. As a long-time lover of larger than life watches, I was pleased when Steinhart nee Debaufre released a line of watches to rival Bell & Ross’ attempts at recreating old-timey airplane dial. As I’ve mentioned many times before, Bell & Ross watches are obscenely huge and obscenely expensive so to find a watch that mimics – but does not totally copy – the B&R style for not much money excited that bargain-hunting watch-lover in me.

Sadly, however, I think this taste of paradise will make the average watch-lover desire a B&R even more, a sad state of affairs for someone who is trying to avoid spending $5 grand or more on a stinking watch.
scaled.IMG 5836scaled.IMG 5840scaled.IMG 5835scaled.IMG 5841scaled.IMG 5843

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Review: Vendoux Sorento

vendouxhp.jpgIt’s not an IWC, but it’s close enough. The Vendoux is an inexpensive automatic aviator with a certain flair all it’s own. No real pedigree – the folks at Vendoux.nl sell this thing for $200 – but it’s sufficiently big and attractive so more power too ’em.

Yes, the watch is big! It’s funny, you see a watch pictured on the internet and its stated dimensions are 46mm (for example), yet you cannot picture the watch being that big in person. This watch was like this for me. The info said it was 46mm, but it just did not look that big. But, it is! When I first took it out of the box I had expected the watch to weigh more than it does, it’s actually quite light for its size (approx. 90 grams). But. I liked it right away, especially after it was on my wrist! It had the look (and size) I wanted without being an outright knock-off.

Review of the Vendoux Sorento [PMWF]

A second look at the Techné Goshawk Automatic 411.1

A little known Swiss watch company has taken a cockpit clock and put it on a wrist for under $500. This Japanese-powered automatic includes a dual-time zone and date movement in a stealthy, black PVD-coated case.  Let’s take another look at the Techné Goshawk.

Introducing the Archimede Pilot Chronograph TriKompax

If you’ve been reading us for a while, you probably think that I have a thing for the watches coming out of Pforzheim-based Archimede, and, you know what?  You’d be right.  Ickler does a great job with case design, and Archimede, in particular, seems to be riffing on the classic Flieger design in interesting ways.  Last time, we were talking about a GMT complication from the brand, and now, we’ve got it coming in the guise of a tri-compax chronograph, hereby known as the Archimede Pilot Chronograph TriKompax.

Lew and Huey Phantom, Getting Ready to Take Flight

Lew Huey Phantom 02Lew and Huey is a brand that I look to when I want to talk about the potential success of the crowd funded marketplace.  The brand began on Kickstarter, with multiple watches launched on that platform, all well received.  I put the brand in the category of “friend of the site,” and they are always happy to send us information on upcoming watches and then lend us review copies when they are available.  I first reviewed the Lew and Huey Phantom in April, and now I have a chance to take a two of the three options out for a test drive.

Introducing the Gavox Avidiver


When it comes to watches, many folks will often have a a favorite watch from particular brands. Less common is an expressed interest in the wider line, especially with the indie watch brands. For me, at least, Gavox is one of those brands that I think have something in all of their models. Sure, the earlier watches we very much similar to what we saw from Techne, but that’s not a bad thing. As of late, though, Gavox has really stepped up their game, with introductions of watches like the Aurora and Squadron. Their most recent model, the Gavox Avidiver, shows the brand continuing to branch out.