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Taking a dark look at the Fossil Blue FB-01

No, no, that doesn’t portend anything bad, necessarily, for the watch – just a play on the darker finish that this Fossil Blue FB-01 loaner came with (per the brand, it’s called “Smoke”). I first wrote about the Fossil Blue in early September (which you can see here), and we subsequently got to spend some time with one.

Dive into the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto

When we got our loaners in for the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical, there was another watch lurking in the box as well. In case your predilections are more in the direction of water than land, have no fear – the Khaki lineup can still cover you. We spent some time with the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto, and are here to share our thoughts on the watch with you.

Introducing the Ball Watch Roadmaster Marine GMT

In many ways, it can be quite easy to predict what I may like. Does it have Batman or Bob Ross in it? Insert “Shut up and take my money” meme right here. More precisely, when it comes to watches, a GMT movement will immediately grab my eyes. Throw in some tritium tubes, and well, that’s buttercream icing on the cake. Which is why Victor knew he needed to send the info on the Ball Watch Roadmaster Marine GMT my way once he ran across it.

Octon Watch Review – aka Bamford for the masses

As you can no doubt imagine, we get all manner of unsolicited emails here at WWR. Some of it is pure junk mail (nope, not going to cover your whack-a-doodle makeup project), some of it just more of the same ol (hooray, a minimal watch that cuts out the middle man!) and then there are gems that come through. Octon Watches came out of nowhere, and once I saw that day-glo fluorescent paint on the dials, I was sold. So, yup, I got to spend some time with the simply-named Octon Watch.

It’s the new old school with the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression

There is no doubt that, for me, the Zodiac Aerospace GMT was the clear star of the BaselWorld show this year. In fact, it was for a great many people, as evidenced by how quickly it sold out. IE, no loaners available for us media types to ogle over in person. Such is life of a popular model, I suppose. However, no sour grapes here, because we instead got to spend some time with another vintage-look watch from the brand, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression.

Hands on with the Phoibos Great Wall 500M

This is now my third review on the Phoibos watch brand, previously having looked at their Ocean Master and Sentinel watches. Both were very nice, well made watches. Lately, I was able to get my hands on their newest model, the Great Wall. That would be referring to the Great Wall of China and as you read on you can see why.

Going Retro with the Certina DS PH200M

Back in the 1960’s Certina made the PH200M dive watch. This is a no nonsense, get the job done, sort of a diver. For being “just” a tool watch, it still looks good. There are still some vintage models floating around out there, but now you can get a new one. Certina has brought it back with their new Certina DS PH200M. I was able to get a hold of one to review, and I am liking it.

Mido Ocean Star Diver 600 Review

I’ve been writing about the Mido Ocean Star Diver 600 for close to 6 months now. It started back in November when the watch was launched and then again when the watch got tied into the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. Well, we’ve finally gotten to spend some time with the watch, and can give you our hands-on impression of the Mido Ocean Star Diver 600.

Going pro with the Nodus Avalon

It was almost a year ago when Nodus first graced our pages, with Jim’s review of the Nodus Trieste (you can check that out here). I’ve been aware of the brand in the intervening time, but had not had the opportunity to check them out in person. That is, until they went PRO! Or, you know, create a professional dive watch (as defined by the WR rating) known heretofore as the Nodus Avalon.

No, not Keanu – the Orient Kano

It’s not just the big, high-end brands that are on a roll releasing all manner of new watches. Some of your favorite affordable brands are also getting in on that game. In the Orient Kamasu release, the brand teased that it was just the first of their new divers. We didn’t have to wait long until we found out what the next one is – the Orient Kano was just released yesterday.