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Titanic Regained, In Watch Form

Romain Jerome, a Geneva-based watchmaker, has created a series of timepieces made out of bits of the Titanic. Why, you ask? Hell if we know. Zachary over at TSL puts it best:

Wait, what? Apparently he bought a 3 pound section of the hull from some seller that he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) identify for the sole purpose of making something rich people would buy. But hang on, what about all those dead people? No worries, mate. Mr. Arpa’s response that “The combination of new and old materials infused the watches with a sense of renewal, instead of representing a reminder of the 1,500 passengers who drowned when the oceanliner met her tragic end off the coast of Newfoundland” makes perfect sense to me.

Titanic DNA? Some people will buy anything. [The Sporting Life]