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Meshing with the mashup that is the Hager Pheon GMT

Pheon? Pheon? What’s the deal here, Kansa – last time you wrote about this watch, you were calling it the Broad Arrow collection. And you now, you’re write, but there’s also a certain Swiss brand that feels very protective of the “broad arrow” name, so Hager wisely decided to change the name up. So, yes, we got to spend some time with the 38mm variant of the Hager Pheon GMT.

Diving into the Citizen Promaster Marine

Citizen is a brand that may not get as much attention or mindshare from us watch folks, and that’s a shame. They actually produce some very nice pieces, some with some very interesting twists. One of the more recent releases – which happens to be a Macy’s exclusive Limited Edition – is the Citizen Promaster Marine.

The Tudor Black Bay GMT, now ready to travel the world

BaselWorld 2018 is just getting underway, and there are some heavy hitters coming out swinging.  You’ve likely seen the news around the new Rolex GMT Master in steel that’s come out, replete with different bezel colors.  While I like what the crown makes, the handsets on the GMT Master have bothered me.  That’s why, when I saw the news on the Tudor Black Bay GMT, I sat up and took notice.

Dive into travel with the Oris Aquis GMT Date

01 798 7754 4135-07 8 24 05PEB - Oris Aquis GMT Date

I’ve gotten to handle a few different Oris watches over the years, some dive watches, and some more aviation focused. Every one of those I came away liking what I saw (seriously, among other things, their textile seatbelt-clasp straps are one of the best stock straps I’ve ever experienced). Well, as BaselWorld is upon us, Oris saw fit to unleash a new beastie upon us – the Oris Aquis GMT Date.

Back with a beautiful watch, it’s the Magrette Moana Pacific Waterman GMT

Magrette is a brand that I will freely admit I have a soft spot for. The Magrette Regattare 2011 was my first automatic watch, and since then, I have reviewed a number of the watches that have come from the New Zealand brand. Things have been quiet for awhile, but now they are back with a big splash. Introducing the Magrette Moana Pacific Waterman GMT.

Introducing the moVas Bronze Officer


When it comes to the watches that we bring to your attention, we generally like to point out watches that are currently available – I.E., something you can actually buy today. With the moVas Bronze Officer, I am taking a bit of a risk. I caught wind of this watch when a special newsletter subscriber email went out, for which there was a special “insider” pre-order sale kicking in. Given that there are only 50 pieces of this model being made (more on that in a minute), there is a chance that, when the pre-order opens up to the general public, there may not be any pieces left. Even so, this is a pretty interesting watch in my book, so I thought it was worthwhile bringing it to your attention.

Crossing timezones with the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro GMT 600

Ok, dear reader – it’s time for me to dive back into the world of GMT watch reviews.  As you can see from that article title, we’re diving back into the catalog of Christopher Ward.  It’s not my first time looking at their watches, nor the first time with their C60 Trident lineup.  The very first watch I reviewed from them was a C60 Trident, and remains favorably in my memories.  So, how does this latest iteration, the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro GMT fare?  Read on and see!

This is not the moose that bit your sister, once. This is the Karibu Original.

That title is lengthy, but I couldn’t shake it (and bonus internet points to you if you got the reference).  Today, we’re talking about another British brand that is popping out a watch ostensibly for travelers.  It’s got a steel case, a rubber strap, and even a quartz GMT complication.  Seems like it should be ready for globe-trotting adventures, no?  Let’s see what the Karibu Original has in store for you.

A new watch flies in with the Oris GMT Rega Limited Edition

That Swiss brands align themselves with high-profile activities, such as automotive racing and other sporting events, really should come as no surprise.  High-octane events require high precision, and that’s what the Swiss pride themselves on.  The flip side of that coin is some of the charitable tie ins that they have.  We often see that around environmental issues as of late, but Oris has just announce a new watch to support an air rescue service, the Oris GMT Rega Limited Edition.

Sailing along with the Frederique Constant Runabout GMT

Ah, I still fondly remember when I first learned about Frederique Constant.  The idea that you could get champagne-level watches at beer prices was simply entrancing.  In fact, that’s what a lot of the crowd-funded watches try to position themselves as.  However, with Frederique Constant, my experience has been that the products usually match to the marketing hype.  Today, we’re taking a look at the first GMT from the brand that I’ve had cross my desk, the Frederique Constant Runabout GMT.