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Weiss, a Land Rover, and a field watch to match

Cameron Weiss is the kind of guy to forge his own path. Like many men, he has a fondness for the simplicity and ruggedness of a Land Rover. So much so, that he went a road trip in the beloved Landy, and then built a watch to commemorate it. This is that watch.

Back To Basic With The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

Let’s face it. Watch complications are cool. Who among us doesn’t salivate at the sight of a flyback chronograph, a perpetual calendar, a cool looking moon phase, or any tourbillion? Then again, much of the time what we’re looking for is just a solid, basic, hand-wound mechanical watch to tell us the time. In this case, the new Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical fits the bill nicely, especially if you’re also a fan of the vintage/retro re-issue trend.

A modern Genta: Hands-on with the D1 Milano

The D1 Milano is a mash-up of classic Gerald Genta designs that amounts to something more unique than just a homage to any particular watch.

Feeling presidential with the Merci LMM-01

Who is Merci?  Is this another one of our forays into the world of menswear?  Well, it could be (as they carry men’s clothing) but that is not the case here.  No, for all of the things that Merci (based in Paris) has carried (including men’s, women’s, and home goods lines), they have not really featured a watch.  Now, I’m guessing that if you visited their shop, you would likely have seen some watches kicking around somewhere.  But nothing that was really their own, you know?  And for a self-professed watch guy, which Arthur Gerbi (you know, the CEO) is, that just could not stand.  So, that brings us to today, and the Merci LMM-01.

Samson Watch Company Tourbillon – Cheap? Good?


Looks like the Chinese tourbillon juggernaut is slowly marching across the horizon and this one, by the Samson Watch Company – not affiliated with the Delilah Haircutting Shears Company – is no exception. Apparently this thing actually isn’t that bad and keeps good time. But when everyone owns a tourbillon, how can tourbillon makers jack up the price?

Do you really get what you pay for? A report. [TimeZone]

Hands-on: Christopher Ward C5 Malvern 595

Simplicity is hard to do. Features and flash move product. It takes courage to market a watch based on what it lacks. But that is the essence of the Christopher Ward C5 Malvern 595—a watch that is great for what it leaves out.

Introducing the Steinhart Military 42


Steinhart is one of those brands that generally do not need much of an introduction for most folks paying attention to what is going on in the watch world. The brand has steadily been pumping out quality, affordable watches with interesting designs. The latest that they have on offer, the Steinhart Military 42, is one of the latest entries from the brand.

Archimede Deck Watch, Hot Stuff

Achimede Deck Watch 01There is something just so lovely about a clean white watch with blued hands in my eyes, which is why I was immediately drawn to the Archimede Deck Watch, now with heat blued hands done in-house.  German made, with an ETA hand wound movement, this classic design is a great looking watch, and I am guessing will make it into my Father’s Day recommendations.

Hands-on: Christopher Ward C1 Grand Malvern Small Second

The new Christopher Ward C1 Grand Malvern Small Second is a bridge between two worlds—a modern design with a very traditional layout. A central seconds hand is so common that it is easy to forget that it was once an innovation. Now, it’s the rare watch that counts the seconds on a subsidiary dial. The C1 Grand Malvern Small Second is one of those, but it takes the traditional small second setup in more modern direction.

Review: AOMEI Erotic Watch, a real eBay find


I’m going to apologize in advance for this review. There are some who may be offended by its content in that I am discussing, in relative depth, an erotic watch of the type made popular by randy potentates in the 18th and 19th centuries along with one aspect that I find utterly vile and revolting. It is important to state that I do not condone this aspect of the watch and I find it highly offensive to boot.

The bile is rising even as I write this, friends, for this $34 watch from eBay advertises itself as a tourbillon yet is as far from a tourbillon as humanly possible. If tourbillon were the sun and this watch were a meteorite, the meteorite would be five million light years from the sun. And exploded already. And in little pieces in some distant star field. That’s how distant this is from a tourbillon.

Note: This is kind of NSFW.