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Introducing the Hamilton Khaki Converter lineup

When you’re thinking about aviation-oriented watches that have a bezel-based slide rule on it, you’re likely thinking of one of two brands – Breitling, or the Citizen Nighthawk. Now, those present on two very different ends of the pricing spectrum. Want something a bit more down the middle? That’s where the new Hamilton Khaki Converter watches come in.

Prototype fun with the Yema Superman Bronze

Over the last year, we’ve been fortunate to go hands-on with quite a number of the models that Yema has in their catalog. You may have caught word that they recently launched another one on Kickstarter as of late, and we got to spend some time with a prototype of the Yema Superman Bronze.

Reviewing the new AVI-8 P-51 Mustang Chronograph

AVI-8 has a large list of cool aviation models. I have reviewed their Hawker Harrier II, their Flyboy Chronograph, and their Hawker Hunter chronograph. All have been great examples of aviation inspired watches. Just recently AVI-8 has released their P-51 Mustang Chronograph. When I saw this one I knew I had to check it out – let’s take a look.

Take flight with the Oris Big Crown ProPilot Big Date

While we’ve reviewed a number of different Oris watches over the years, but I think I’ve settled into my favorite of the bunch coming from their aviation-oriented ProPilot lineup. While I find myself partial to the GMT-equipped one (reviewed here), there is very much an argument to be made for the simpler Oris Big Crown ProPilot Big Date.

The Vincero Marble, celebrating an anniversary

Hey, do you guys remember Vincero? We wrote about their marble watches (in a hands-on review, here) almost six years ago. Well, they’re still making watches, and recently introduced two limited-edition versions of the marble automatic to celebrate hitting that six-year mark.

Introducing the latest Ball Roadmaster Archangel

We here at WWR are big fans of tritium in watches, and Ball has been doing it that up on their dials for ages. Within their lineup, I’ve got specific things that I like (and like less), but anytime there’s a cyclops showing up on the crystal, I like to take a closer look. As luck would have it, two of the recently-released Ball Roadmaster Archangel models have that precise feature.

Introducing the Christopher Ward C65 Super Compressor

Have you ever found yourself liking a brand for one reason or another (general design aesthetic, price points, etc) but really wishing they had that “one style” that you really prefer? Christopher Ward seems to be reading your mind then, as they’ve introduced a number of new and interesting styles. Their latest is an old one that’s new again – the Christopher Ward C65 Super Compressor.

Just launched: The MAALS Giri Ventiquattro

Hey, do remember MAALS? We went hands on with their first model (right here) a little over two years ago, and now they’re back with their latest creation, just launched today on Kickstarter: the MAALS Giri Ventiquattro.

Is the Rado True Thinline Anima the watch of 2020?

Well, not in the sense of representing the year, given that this year really isn’t in anybody’s top anything given all the problems. But, if you’re going to limit yourself to releasing 2020 pieces of a watch, well, the tie-in is there. This new Rado True Thinline Anima takes everything we like about the True Thinline and dials it up a notch.

You can dive into travel with the Mido Ocean Star GMT

We first got to do a hands-on review with the Mido Ocean Star diver last year (which you can see here). I came away from that hands-on experience impressed, but Mido knew there was another way to up the game, and they have my number. By that, I mean they put my favorite complication into the new Mido Ocean Star GMT.