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Taking a dark look at the Fossil Blue FB-01

No, no, that doesn’t portend anything bad, necessarily, for the watch – just a play on the darker finish that this Fossil Blue FB-01 loaner came with (per the brand, it’s called “Smoke”). I first wrote about the Fossil Blue in early September (which you can see here), and we subsequently got to spend some time with one.

A true kickstarter, it’s the Altitude Pilot Watch

It seems that I’ve been having a lot of Flieger-style (or Flinger-Inspired) watches crossing my virtual desk these days. Many of these have taken other designs and mixed it up with a Flieger handset. IF you want something that is a bit more of a traditional, barebones style Flieger, then the Altitude Pilot Watch may be the one for you.

Going au natural with the Ovi Watch Prunus

We’ve reviewed more than a few different wooden watches here at WWR. At first, when they started showing up, I was genuinely interested in them. It was a new and different material (in a watch) for me, and they were doing some interesting things with different color woods, making bracelets, and so on. Then, it just things like stuff stalled, and – much like the “minimal watch” craze today – it all just felt uninspired. So, when Ovi Watch reached out, my knee-jerk reaction was to politely decline. Then I took a closer look, and it turns out, there is still at least one brand doing interesting things with wood. Hence, today’s review of the Ovi Watch Prunus.

Sweet Georgia Brown – it’s the Tissot Chrono XL NBA Collector Special Edition

As you are likely aware, Tissot is the official timekeeper for NBA. I mean, you can’t let Omega take all of the timing glory for the Swatch group, right? To date, they’ve released watches specifically in reference to a single team. So, if they had one for your favorite team, you were in luck. Everyone else? Tough luck. Well, until now. For all those superfans, or folks who just really like the NBA in general, we’ve got the Tissot Chrono XL NBA Collector Special Edition.

New and more affordable, it’s the Alpina Alpiner Quartz

We’ve all seen the flood of new releases coming out of BaselWorld, and we all have our own personal favorites. By and large, the product we see coming out of the show is firmly in the four-figure and above range, which makes those watches a bit more aspirational. Alpina, though, they’ve got your back (and your bank account). The swooped right in with an affordable winner in the form of the Alpina Alpiner Quartz.

Introducing the Hemel HFT20 Night Ops

Just a few days ago, Hemel launched a new version of it’s HFT20 series, the Hemel HFT20 Night Ops. On the surface, it looks like the watch was just hit with a coat of paint (as compared to prior models), but there’s a bit more to it than that. And of course, if you’re not familiar with the watch to begin with, well, let’s get you acquainted.

Looking around with the Armitron Explorer

Armitron is likely a brand most folks don’t pay too much attention to, at least, those who read watch blogs. Right or wrong, it’s just not a brand that attracts attention. That said, they have such a varied catalog it would be all but impossible to find a watch that fits your tastes. One of the nicer-looking pieces I’ve had in from them is the subject of today’s review – the Armitron Explorer.

The Casio Edifice ECB900DB wants to connect with you

Casio really seems to have been on a tear over the last six to nine months, releasing quite a number of pieces, particularly in their Edifice lineup. We’ve taken a look at a few of those, and even some that feature a Bluetooth hookup in them. The one we’re talking about today – the Casio Edifice ECB900DB – brings something new to the dial that we’ve not seen as of yet – digital.

Hello, Bees! It’s the Projects Watches Reason to Bee

Spring is – supposedly – just around the corner. That means we’re going to be seeing things come into bloom, which means that we’ll see those friendly, fuzzy little pollinators zipping around as well. Fittingly, then, we’ve got the Projects Watches Reason to Bee coming onto the scene.

Bark at the moon: it’s the Squarestreet Novem Moonphase

As you saw, last month we had a giveaway for the Squarestreet Novem Moonphase. While it didn’t quite work out, timing-wise, for us to get the review up while the giveaway was running, we are here now to talk about the watch. Better late than never, yeah? Well, let’s get on with the review of the Squarestreet Novem Moonphase.