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The Octopus by Joy, a sort-of-smart watch for kids

When we first received the PR news about a new smart watch for kids, I was cautiously intrigued.  Having my own little ones running around the house, this seemed like something perfectly aimed for my house, particularly as my girls are in to watches, inasmuch as they know dad likes them, so they do to.  So, we’ve been spending some time with the Octopus by Joy as of late.

Connecting up with the Alpina AlpinerX

It was not all that long ago where we brought you word of a curious thing – a big Swiss brand (Alpina) flogging their watch on Kickstarter, of all places.  This was an oddity as we generally think of that platform for launching new brands, for raising capital, and so on.  Things that, ostensibly, Alpina is not (they’re established) and should not have a need of (being part of Citizen should have it’s advantages).  So, why this route?  The word was so that backers could help to finalize some of the design and app features.  From the earlier writeup we did, Eric liked what he saw so much that he backed the project (as did plenty of others).  Today, I’m going to talk with you about the time I spent with with one on my wrist.

Michael Kors jumps into the smartwatch game

Like ‘em or leave ‘em, smart watches are hard to ignore.  Once the domain solely of the technorati, many a person now has some sort of wearable that is connected to their phones.  And, now that we have fashion brands getting into the smartwatch game, well, they have definitely arrived and are safe to consider mainstream.  The latest entries come courtesy of Michael Kors, with the just-announced Sofie and Grayson watches.

The Noerden Mate2 Hybrid Smartwatch is super discreet

The Noerden Mate2 is a minimalist watch on its face. But dig a bit deeper and you’ll find a smartly designed hybrid smartwatch, complete with vibrating alerts and alarms, activity tracking, music control, and no battery to charge. I’ve been wearing the Mate2 for the last couple of weeks, and have put it through its paces in daily office life, workouts, on the trails, and around town.

Swatch Touch Zero One, Set – Spike

Swatch Touch Zero One 06When the biggest name in the watch industry decides to get into the smart watch/fitness tracker business, you expect a watch that is made for the masses.  What you don’t expect is a watch made for a niche sport; but then again, Swatch does not do things in the normal way.  The Swatch Touch Zero One is, as the name implies, the first watch in a planned ecosystem of fitness watches tied to the sports that Swatch supports.

Taking the Polar M200 out for a run

Just a few years ago, I had my first experience with a Polar product. In the time since then, I’ve used it, alternating with the Garmin that’s also in my workout watch stable.  A lot can change for a brand in a few years, so we reached out to the brand, and got a few more items in for review.  The first one we’ll be taking a look at is the Polar M200.

Taking a Look at the MOTA SmartWatch G2


Everywhere you look, smart watches are cropping up. The incoming Android-powered watches (and the long-rumored iWatch) of course take the lion’s share of the attention. While those high-tech devices are attention-grabbers, for sure, to focus only on them ignores a whole other slice of the smart watch segment. Today, we’ll be taking a look at one of those, the MOTA SmartWatch G2.

Getting smart with the Polar M600

So far, with Polar, we’ve focused more on the workout / running watches that were purpose-built for fitness tracking.  Today, we’ve got something that is still purpose built, but also is a full-blown Android-powered smartwatch, the Polar M600.

Who needs a flux capacitor when you’ve got the OVD Time Traveller II ?

Some of the more interesting projects that we come across on Kickstarter come courtesy of other folks we know telling us about projects that they’ve decided to back. The most recent case of this is the watch we’re talking about today, which came to my attention courtesy of Ben over at Tempest Watch. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what makes the OVD Time Traveller II an interesting piece.

Alpina AlpinerX Smartwatch…on Kickstarter!?!

As most anyone reading this article is aware, the micro brand Kickstarter phenomenon has hit stratospheric levels in the last few years. As a watch blogger, I can tell you firsthand that it can be quite difficult to sift through the endless emails and press releases related to Kickstarter watches. It seems that several new brands are popping up on an almost daily basis on the popular crowd funding site. A small handful of these new brands are actually designing and selling some very nice pieces, but the vast majority are, to put it mildly, junk.