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Review: The Moto360 is back and it’s quite good

The Moto360 was a beloved addition to Android’s original smartwatch lineup. One of the first with a truly round dial, the 360 was a direct assault on Apple Watch hegemony.

After Motorola began its slow sell-off of much of its mobile technology it looked bleak on the Moto360 front. Now, however, a relatively unknown company call eBuyNow has licensed the name and the design and is bring the 360 back.


Michael Kors jumps into the smartwatch game

Like ‘em or leave ‘em, smart watches are hard to ignore.  Once the domain solely of the technorati, many a person now has some sort of wearable that is connected to their phones.  And, now that we have fashion brands getting into the smartwatch game, well, they have definitely arrived and are safe to consider mainstream.  The latest entries come courtesy of Michael Kors, with the just-announced Sofie and Grayson watches.

Timex iQ+, An activity tracker for the masses

I am not a fan of full blown smart watches, but analog activity trackers have always piqued my interest, and now Timex has entered the space with the Timex iQ+ collection, with the Timex iQ+ Move as the newest option.  Offering versions for both men and women, the iQ+ collection offers activity tracking, an Indiglo backlight and a low key design for $150.

Introducing the Fitbit Versa

Product render of Fitbit Versa in 3 quarter view in silver metal links showing analog clock

We watch folks have a difficult time with smartwatches.  We can’t see them supplanting our beloved traditional watches, but we’re undeniably drawn to the promises (if not the delivery on those promises) of what the tech can do for us.  For me, I’ve really decided they don’t fit my own particular use case, and would likely need to double-wrist it.  In other words, not likely.  The one exception I would likely make would be for something like the Fitbit Versa.

Nevo Watch, Smart Enough

Nevo 01I am not a fan of the direction of most smart watches.  I don’t need another screen on my wrist to give me my texts and emails.  If the notification is so important, then I will look at my phone or computer.  But I do see the utility in getting some notifications, especially if it is in a fairly unobtrusive manner.  And this is where connected analog watches enter the field.  Devices like the Nevo Watch connect to your smart phone and display limited information in the background, while the primary look of the watch is an analog watch.

The Octopus by Joy, a sort-of-smart watch for kids

When we first received the PR news about a new smart watch for kids, I was cautiously intrigued.  Having my own little ones running around the house, this seemed like something perfectly aimed for my house, particularly as my girls are in to watches, inasmuch as they know dad likes them, so they do to.  So, we’ve been spending some time with the Octopus by Joy as of late.

Connecting up with the Alpina AlpinerX

It was not all that long ago where we brought you word of a curious thing – a big Swiss brand (Alpina) flogging their watch on Kickstarter, of all places.  This was an oddity as we generally think of that platform for launching new brands, for raising capital, and so on.  Things that, ostensibly, Alpina is not (they’re established) and should not have a need of (being part of Citizen should have it’s advantages).  So, why this route?  The word was so that backers could help to finalize some of the design and app features.  From the earlier writeup we did, Eric liked what he saw so much that he backed the project (as did plenty of others).  Today, I’m going to talk with you about the time I spent with with one on my wrist.

Introducing the Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch


When it comes to the world of smart watches, one of the big complaints I have heard (and read about) is that they simply are not designed to be appealing to those who appreciate watches. Many of them are gadgets first, and just happen to be able to be strapped to your wrist. That argument is losing a lot of steam now, especially with the announcement of the Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch.

Purpose Driven Watches With Smarts

BeFunky_Withings Active 03.jpg

A lot of smart watches I see try to be everything.  Email, facebook posts, texts, weather, and so on and so on.  They are not watches in a traditional sense, but rather wearable computers that display the time.  Today, I wanted to highlight two purpose driven watches that are more “connected” watches than a “do everything” wearable.  The HotBlack by and the Withings Activité are connected devices designed to do a single task, with the former connecting you to your favorite football (soccer) team and the latter tracking your daily fitness goals.  Interestingly, both watches are coming out of the UK.

Watch Video Rewind for November 22, 2015

Watch Video Rewind

Video control panelWelcome to Watch Video Rewind, our (generally) weekly round up of watch related videos we feel are of interest.  This week, I thought I would focus on some of the smartwatches out there that are not being produced by the phone/tech giants, but are rather being created by watch companies.