It’s May the 4th, which is the day to celebrate all things Star Wars (“May the force”). Fittingly, Fossil just dropped a brand new set of limited-edition watches that are Star Wars-focused watches (and even some jewelry).

While there are some other special-edition watches they’re releasing, we really want to focus on the limited-edition watches, as those are the most intricate (and have some hidden glow-in-the-dark details). Here’s what they’re bringing to the holochess table:

  • Luke Skywalker ($270): The battle between the light and dark sides of the Force plays out on the dial of this piece—complete with Luke’s glowing green lume Lightsaber as the second hand and invisible blue lume Force lightning that glows in the dark.
  • Leia Organa ($270): Featuring an innovative time-telling mechanism, this design is inspired by Leia’s iconic Endor look with an invisible lume Rebellion sign that glows in the dark, padded leather strap that recalls her helmet and etched braid caseback detail.
  • Han Solo ($270): This redesign of our Fossil Heritage watch has an effortlessly laid-back feel due to the rich leather saddle strap with golden yellow pant stripe detail and matching accents on the dial.
  • Chewbacca ($270): Featuring a debossed fur texture on the dial and rivet details on the strap, this piece recalls Chewie’s signature bandolier.
  • R2-D2 ($370): This timepiece is crafted around an applied, stamped and printed dimensional R2-D2 inspired frame, Japanese automatic movement, minute hand shaped like the droid’s repair tool arm and a day/night indicator with lume-filled Rebel sign.
  • C-3POTM ($370): The beloved droid comes to life on this square-shaped case with a gold-tone C-3PO face inspired frame, exposed automatic movement, silver-tone lug that matches C-3PO’s silver leg and etched droid cabling-inspired caseback detail.

Along with these, the aforementioned special edition watches come in at $160, while their Star Wars jewelry collection that ranges from $65 – $125. Check out the full range over at

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