We’ve reviewed Cheapest NATO straps before, and liked them. They need help. If you’re considering a strap, you might consider buying from them. They’re hurting and are running a sale to try and shore up business.

Adjustable Single Pass Strap Midnight and Barley

The deal is this:

  • 70% sale on all their nylon products, excluding items already on clearance.
  • Additionally, the 20% bulk discount will still apply to orders of 5 straps or more!
  • Free shipping on orders over $25 USD
Marine Nationale Strap Black and Blue

I put together a cart with suede, single pass adjustable straps, some nylon, and easily ended up with a cart over 50 dollars. The point is, we’ve liked their straps before, there’s a sale going on, and you could do a lot worse than to put some affordable straps on your favorite watch while helping a small business.

Single Pass Suede Strap Gray

Everything I put in my cart ranged in price from $5.95 to $7.95. Also, I need to learn some self control. Get your internet browser over to cheapestNATOstraps.com and put some new shoes on your favorite watch.

ByVictor Marks

sometimes described as "The best bang since the Big One."