Well, not their watches, really (though who know what their skunkworks has in progress). No, what’s gotten the upgrade is their website. While normally this is not something we’d talk about, in light of the news yesterday from Zenith, I thought it would be worth mentioning.

Watch brands have been slower to embrace the digital future. The independent brands have dove into it, but the more established ones can sometimes make their websites feel like an afterthought. Christopher Ward, though, they’re putting the focus into improving their site. What does that get for you, the consumer? Here are some of the higlights:

  • Taking customer feedback on board, the NEW website from Christopher Ward offers an intuitive and enjoyable experience that?s incredibly easy to navigate
  • Featuring artificial intelligence and video integration personalized to each customer?s experience
  • More than just an online store, the new site offers a wealth of editorial content thanks to the digitalisation of Loupe ? the brand?s in-house magazine???
  • Seamless experience across mobile, desktop, and tablet?

In short, it’s a modern site. As to whether or not it’s easier to use is in the eye of the beholder. For me, it definitely feels like a modern refresh, and I like that they’ve included their magazine (Loupe) as another digital component in here. If you’ve not visited them in a while, why not give the new site a look: christoperward.com

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