Last year Citizen announced something called the Caliber 0100, a movement that is accurate to within ±1 second per year. This makes it, in theory, the most accurate mechanical watch in wooooooorld!

Now they’ve stuck these movements into some fairly classy watches. From their release:

The three inaugural Citizen limited-edition watches utilizing the Caliber 0100 movement share intentionally simple design, underscoring Citizen’s mission to “pursue the true essence of a watch.” One dial aspect that is most impressive about these watches is the perfect alignment of the second hand and indices when looking at the watch head-on. This is achieved by foregoing machine-cut gears and springs for a superior LIGA fabrication process. LIGA uses photolithography and electrocasting, allowing for the manufacture of ultra-precisely made parts. Using this process, Citizen is able to manufacture hands that align absolutely perfectly with indices.

The watches are Eco-Drive which means they are quartz powered by light.

The steel and titanium versions of these pieces will sell for $7,400 while a fancy gold edition will sell for a decidedly sassy $16,800. It’s definitely nice to see Citizen taking a few chances this year.


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