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  1. Hi there,

    This is Veronica. I run a luxury blog titled BornRich. I am an avid reader of your blog and you have always been an inspiration to me.

    I wanted to let you know that i have posted upon Playboy and Jacob & Co. New Luxury Watch Collection –, which you might just love to post.

    I really want to be friends with you. So, please do visit my site.

    Hope to see your footprints on my blog…


  2. Dear Sir/Madam:
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    We have your name and address from the web.And really want establish business relations with you.If any of our information can help you. Please let us have your further information.
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  3. Hi,

    my name is Agustin Otegui.

    I have seen that you post sometimes the work of young designers in Wrist Watch Review´s site.

    I have developed a concept of a wrist watch that turns into four different watches and was wondering if you could publish it on your site, as it is the best way to get through to the persons that might be interested in producing it.

    The link where you can see the project is:

    If you need further information, pictures or anything else please let me know.

    Thanks a lot for your time.

  4. Hello,

    I lead an active life and am fairly careless with watches. I want to buy a good quality silver coloured watch which I can take swimming and that is robust and won’t scratch easily but that will still look good on a dinner date.

    I am looking at the Tissot PR50 or Ballade and I wondered if you would have any comments or if there are any other watches that you would recommend in a similar price range.

    Thanks so much for your help,


  5. Hi Guys,

    Firstly, i love your blog .. excellent is the only word to describe the information here!!

    Anyway, if u have time, kindly do a review on Ocean7 G-1. I like to get an affordable Swiss “heart” GMT, and this watch seems to within the my price range and looks absolutely solid. Unfortunately, i couldn’t find more in-depth review.

    Thanks in advance and sorry to bother.


  6. Hi,

    I really love your blog, firstly because it’s informative and secondly because it’s entertaining. I have a blog too I would like to exchange links with you.
    If you post the link to my blog, your link will be posted on my site’s home page.
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Hello John,

    My name is Sunny Pannu from Vancouver, Canada. I came across your site and found it informative in regards for my next watch purchase.

    I wanted some general information on the difference between Tissot, Esquire and Seiko.

    I basically want a quality aviation inspired watch.

    Which of these brands mentioned above do an excellent job at quality and movement.

    Thanks for your time and look forward to your response.

    Sunny Pannu

  8. i don’t see how to register on your site, which would allow posting reviews, rants, etc.

    my background is in journalism for 13 years, am a professional writer. i did wish to review another watch website, some very interesting things going on there regarding posts being cut and those posting being blacklisted, not for violation of guidelines, but posting information that contradicts points of view of other posters. my guess is that some of those posting on timezone under an anonymous name actually work at the website, or are (to use a strong term) shills for certain points of view, or perhaps are friends with those who own the site, and thus have the ability to blacklist or cut comments that challenge their points of view, and i mean respectfully challenge, not invective or ad hoc or offensive posts.

    don’t know that this is something you’d want discussed on your site. could be a can of worms. but it happened to several watch friends of mine who posted saying apparently the wrong thing (e.g. swiss movements on the whole were better than asian movements when discussing sheer numbers and their median quality…guess timezone was afraid of offending certain advertisers)…maybe you have the same concerns and can’t get into this type of censorship light shedding, i know that in my newspaper journalism career this type of censorship for the sake of advertisers was de rigeur on most papers…was just surprised to find it on the industry’s biggest blog, and with a subject like watches…foolish me, huh

    anyway, do let me know if you are plucky enough to venture into this minefield. i’m quite an opionated guy, and know the watch field and others, so can certainly promise some editorial excitement if you’re interested.


  9. Oh my gosh. Someone emailed me to tell me of this posting and I almost cannot believe it. I thought it was only me. I had the same situation with someone on I thought something was wrong with the system. I had commented on a comment by a person with the Timezone name of Kahlilsheikh, or something close to that. I had written a post that had a few extra capitals in it for emphasis, and he wrote a sarcastic post asking if my caplock was broken, or whether I thought I was writing on Yahoo messenger. I posted back exactly the phrase “Neither, but thanks for asking.” I found that and all my posts removed within minutes and blocked from the forums there. Fairly outrageous they run things like that. I wonder how much more of such stuff goes on at I believe this totally affects their credibility. It also ends up with all sorts of inane posts like, “What colour watch are you wearing today.” Or, “Look what watch I wore on my bikeride today.” For goodness sake, no wonder that place often sounds like a bunch of third graders talking about what they wore to school. Serious stuff, or anything that offends apparently annointed members is removed, and said members seemingly banned. Or that’s what happened to me. Anyone else out there?

    Outraged, Jahn

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