A new watch brand called Contempus is offering a uniquely-styled watch for those who love concave surfaces. The piece runs a quartz Miyota movement and has a curved face that dips in with cleverly-designed hands that dip deeply into the bowl as if for sustenance.

The company, unfortunately, didn’t proofread their Kickstarter page but let’s work with what we have:

The main concept of our design is a neat, contemporary outlook striped [sic] of the unnecessary visual garbage. Our project is an ode to the masters of past, present and future: those, who move the industry of aesthetical objective beauty [sic] to new heights.

I, personally, love being moved to new heights and I love paying a mere $88 for an early bird edition. The crowdfunding closes in 52 days and the watches should ship in April 2018.

ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

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