giveawayWe don’t often get to run contests here at WWR, but when we do, we get excited. Recently, Orient watches contacted us about doing a giveaway, and we are definitely excited and glad to help them find a new home for one of their timepieces. For the details on how to win, click on constant reader…

Orient Watch is known as the bargain brand with the long names, and the watch that we’re giving away is no exception. The watch in question is the Orient bem72001b, and it’s lovely. It’s a stainless steel case, water resistant to 50 meters, and made with Orient’s in house automatic movement.

How do you win? Well that’s easy. Leave a comment telling us what your first watch was. It’s that easy. Also make sure that you put a real email address in (don’t worry, we’re the only ones who will see it) so we can contact you when you win. The contest will end on October 23, at which time we’ll select a random (or our favorite) comment, and award the watch.

Update: Contest ends at 12:01am Pacific time tonight (October 23rd). We’ll notify the winner via email.

ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

236 thoughts on “Contest: Win an Orient watch [Closed]”
  1. I believe my first watch was a mickey mouse watch with the moving hands… But not the real good metal one, this was the 80’s and it was all plastic. I doubt it lasted a month.

  2. My first 3 watches were Timex – as a kid I loved the commercial; “takes a lickin and keeps on tickin” and I remember it was always the straps that broke, never the watch. I still have one in a box somewhere and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it ticking again if I would it up.

  3. My first analog watch was a $13 Casio with a white face, black hands and numbers, and a rubber band. Pretty classic look. I think my father took it when I lost interest in it, which I have (apparently) always done.

  4. My first watch was a railroad dial timex; I don’t think it lasted more than a couple of months. My first “adult” watch was a Casio Submariner knock-off – on a black NATO band I wore it on and under sea and land for a couple of years before trading up to a Seiko automatic.

    Great blog!

  5. I think the first one was a cheapo Timex digital watch, nothing too fancy, but it did tell the time.

  6. My first watch was a Swatch with the short-lived clear band and skeleton face and body. I think it was an automatic, though as a 12 year old i had zero appreciation for it. Like the site and would very much appreciate adding an Orient to my meager watch collection.

  7. My first watch I remember was a green jelly Swatch. Might still have it somewhere.

  8. It’s the watch I have here before me, a Bifora 15 Top hand wound mechanical watch. It still works, but without any signs of accuracy. Just time, no date. And I still quite like the design. But of course no match for this Orient.

  9. My first watch was a Casio, the cools ones has calculator and diary, mine was an ordinary one. As soon as I could save enough I bought a Tag Heuer. Not counting those Mickey ones we all had when we could read the hours…

  10. My first watch (just to share, not to enter the contest of course) was a Timex with an analog face. My parents bought it for me, and said I had to learn how to tell time on a regular clock face, instead of a digital.

  11. I had a succession of Timex Ironman’s as a kid till i discovered the joy of Automatics with a Hamilton in college.

  12. my first watch i can remember was a timex ironman back when i was in middle school. you had to have one of those with your members only jacket to be cool!

  13. First watch would have been a Q&Q manual wind when I was 5 or so, and a lot of swatch after that.

  14. My first watch was a Swatch with a transparent dial. That watch started my love affair with watches. So much in fact, that my wife bought me an Oris Artelier Skeleton as a wedding present.

    I still have that first Swatch along with dozens of other watches I’ve picked up through the years. Skeleton watches will always hold a special place in my heart.

  15. My first watch was the Sir limelight swatch. 4 diamonds 3 rubies two sapphires and one emerals at 12 1 2 and 3 o’clock. My parents got it for me for my birthday. Ever since i have been collecting watches. Mostly swatch over 200 of them. Most are special edition from the keith herrings to kiki picaso collections. oh and dont for get the james bond specials. I wear the 1969 Dr No almost every day. I also have a sold gold pocket watch from the discovery of Leadville CO. My great great great(im not sure how many greats LOL) grandfather was part of the team to discover gold. (He is documented in books about leadville. I also have is colt navy from as well!) Just for story my uncle had a 70’s (maybe it was a 71) Rolex SS Daytona. we were fishing in lake michigan and when he cast once to many times it flew off his wrist and into the deep. good bye!

  16. My first watch was a clear Swatch with neon hands. It had a plastic guard, to avoid scratching the face. Not only did the guard fail to impede scratches, it also made it difficult to read the watch. 🙂

    I enjoy your blog a great deal – thanks!

  17. My first watch was a Casio calculator watch. I was living in Venezuela at the time, and these watches were not yet available. It was brought to me by my father from a trip to the US. Consequently, math teachers where unaware of the cheating capacity at my disposal. Needless to say, I was one of the few that nailed multiplication tables without fail. They eventually caught on to something fishy, but it took them almost a year to narrow it down to that weird watch with all those buttons.

  18. My first watch was an ugly Armitron digital watch that my mom bought me at Consumers. I wanted see the inside so I took it apart and put it back together. It still worked but I really wanted to open the gray part so when I did the smell was “rough” and I felt really weird. I believe I lost a few IQ points because of it. Letting the liquid leak out broke the watch and when ever I bought a watch my mom would say “you’d just going to take it apart”. It was the last time I ever took a watch apart and my mother still says the same thing.

  19. It was a some cheap no-name kids watch and a Christmas gift. I was so excited, so thrilled to have it, that I refused to take it off… right up through bath time that night. I still remember the sight of the numbers floating around under the crystal.

  20. My first watch was a plastic “Audi” watch that had Red, White, and Yellow hands and looked quite sporty. It was a giveaway for taking a test drive and I had to try really hard to convince the salesman that a 17 year old could afford the car being tested…

  21. I think my first watch was a Fortis, with a gold face and a black leather band, that I received when I was in elementary school.

  22. My first watch was a Mickey Mouse watch in the mid 1970’s. I’m surprised to see so many people here having that as their first watch too. Good old “times” and memories.

  23. When I was a kid my first watch was a Casio digital. I used to lick the face to keep it clean. It grew mold.

  24. I bought my first watch (a Seiko Sports 100) as a High School graduation present for myself. My dad, at the same time, gave me his Hamilton Incabloc (that he received when he graduated HS). I still have them both, which is good because I have two sons approaching graduation themselves.

  25. my first watch…man it was a while ago, i think it was a star wars watch, with C3P0 on the face. but the watch that sparked my interest in watch collecting, was a bootleg swiss army watch bought on a street in hong kong. i was about 13 years old and i thought it was the coolest thing ever, then i went to the pool and it turned green. since then i have come to appreciate the real deal.

  26. My first watch was a Waltham pocket watch given to me by my grandfather – it was purchased sometime in the 1920’s. I still have it and it still runs and keeps good time. It is a beautiful thing.

  27. My passion for watches knows no bounds….I have 12 watches,casio’s,seiko,umbro,cruiser,hush puppies,fila and so on.My first watch was westar…..I still remember when I was about 10 years…..I got my hands my dads orient…..more inquisitive then ever…..I still remember that watch…..It had a class in it…..something royal about it……Alas I returned it to my father with a hope he would give it to me some day……Havent managed to get it till date,I have many of my own but I do log to have my orient.The prize watch here would indeed be a remembrance of my first crush The Orient……and everything that followed.

  28. My first watch was a Timex manual wind kid’s watch. I’ve looked for it on eBay several times but haven’t found it yet. I’d love to have another just like it for nostalgia’s sake.

  29. Seiko Quartz Movement!
    Face sparked in the pattern of a golf ball. Two-tone bracelet gold & silver.

    The year was 1995, I was 13 years old and working a summer job at the mall. I remember taking my very first pay cheque ever earned and asking my mother to take me to the Birks Jewellers. I had picked out a stunning Seiko which left me with exactly $10.11 from my paycheque.

    Unfortunately I had that watch stolen several years later while in High School, and when I recovered it the thief had tried to extend the bracelet and had used a hammer on the pins and destroyed the bracelet, clasp, and bezel in their attempt. I have never managed to send it to get restored partly due to the cost involved, but still retain the watch as a reminder of my very first and possibly favorite watches.

    I really wish that watch was never stolen, and broken. I would probably still be wearing it today.

  30. My first watch was a freebie watch that came with a big tin of milk powder(!!). It was an el-cheapo digital with a plastic band. I used to love that digital watch and took care of it for 2 years. It finally died when I dropped it into the toilet and had to flush it. 🙂

  31. Casio DW-5000 G-Shock
    I wore it with many different bands as they all kept breaking. Replaced the batteries once after about 9 years. I stopped wearing it after the plastic shell over the case flaked off.

  32. my first watch was a Timex Indiglo complete with a date window…can’t say it helped much with the ladies

  33. My first watch was a swatch black and white, which I thought was incredibly cool. I was positive it would make me a better skater (best thing to do as a 11 year old in the 80’s) after seeing it on a skater in Thrasher magazine (along with two other watches on the same wrist). Well, I was WRONG. The watch, along with my thumb knuckle, were shattered on a storm drain at the base of long steep hill after trying to take the corner far too quickly on my board. I have since moved on to less dangerous sports (30 year old body can’t take it anymore) and better watches, but I still remember that watch and how much I loved it.

  34. My self-purchased first watch was a Swatch Blackout in the mid 80s. Black strap, case, dial, numerals and hands. As a young wannabe Goth/guitarist of The Cure I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Yes, it was impossible to tell the time unless you positioned it so the light glanced off at a particular angle, and it was a scratch-magnet and the strap became more icky with every passing year, but oh! the pleasure of staring at its blackness! and how it compared with the proto-Emo darkness of my soul! the watch spoke to me! It was part of me! It also kicked off my nerdy side and I developed a fascination with Swiss watches and thence Japanese mechanicals….and sometimes as I look at my Seiko Alpinist I still get the same thrill.

  35. My first watch was probably the gold-tone LCD watch my parents gave me for high school graduation. (At the time these were the thing to have.) I shopped around for my own first serious watch purchase for quite a few months. After years of owning a Timex Triathalon here and a low end Casio there, I wanted something more lasting and substantial. I finally came across a good bargain in a Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick II with stainless bracelet. It has a nice accurate quartz movement and sapphire crystal and should be around a while.

  36. Easy, a “snoopy” watch, with snoopy travelling around the dial on a plastic disc. Still in my drawer, but still and silent. New battery needed; and that goes for the strap too. In it’s time I went through several straps, replacing them with a variet yof styles and material.

  37. My first watch was a classic digital Casio with a metal band/case. The alarm was obnoxiously loud and played “Yankee Doodle Dandee” or some other American folk tune. My 8th grade teacher was not impressed to say the least.

  38. My first watch was this Pac-Man game watch made by Nelsonic! I played it so much back in grade school that my teacher had to take it away from me :).

  39. First watch was a Soviet knock-off of a plastic Swatch. I was 8, it was my first watch, I really liked, hence wore it often but took care of it.
    It lasted only a year, before falling apart.

  40. I’m 57 years old and love watches, but considering my age, the first was so long ago that I don’t have a clue what kind it was! Obviously, it wasn’t very memorable! Sure could use a new one though, my TAG was recently stolen:(

  41. My first watch was a Fossil that was gift from my father. It was one of the Fossil’s with the color changing faces. Not only was it a solid watch but i used to have a blast with it. I would change the face color fro red to black to mess with my friends. I only ever admitted to it have a black face. I have had the watch for over 10 years now and its the oldest in my collection. I wore the thing for just about every day for seven years. The clasp was broken, the crystal cracked, and the band looked like it had a fight with a chainsaw. A few years ago my dad passed away from ALS. Shortly after i retired the watch. I took its to Fossil and had it completely refurbished *even thought the case back still has the scares from the years of wear*. Today the watch sits in my watch case running with the correct time.

  42. My first watch was one I got it in Tijuana when I about 10 yrs old visiting for the fist time with my parents. I don’t remember the name of it. I’m sure it was a knock-off being from TJ but loved it none the less. It was this all red watch (including the strap) that had a case that detached from the base and transformed into a robot! (I loved the Transformers when I was a kid and was totally into anything that transformed). He was fat looking robot with stubby legs and moveable arms. His fat belly held the small digital display.I detached and reattached that silly little robot so many times from the base that the clip on the base that held the case on eventually broke off. I was so dissappointed. I couldn’t wear it with the strap anymore and just kept the fat little bugger in my pocket to read the time every now and then. I eventually grew old and put it away in a box for the longest time thinking one day I would fix it. I never did, and finally gave it away with a bunch other stuff I was donating at the time.

  43. My first watch is a gold-colored wind-up Mickey Mouse (with his arms as the hands), that must have been given to me around 1980. I say “is” instead of “was” because I still own it, and it still works!

  44. my first watch was a casio, one with gray background and black digital numbers. I bought it new from the local drug store when I was in 7th or 8th grade, loved to play with the back light on it till it broke, dont remember what ever happened to it but it was alot of fun when I had it.

  45. My first watch was my father’s hand watch, which he bought at the end of World War II in Vienna. He liberated Austria in 1945, being the officer in Red Army. It was a very good watch – Swiss Alprose.

  46. If I remember correctly, my first watch was a Casio calculator watch … you know, with the impossibly small calculator buttons? Of course I owned this as a kid. I was able to calculate all sorts of important things, including outcome scenarios for time travel destinations. Obviously the watch was awesome — I’m here in one piece in present time after 227.46 million light years of time travel.

    Seriously though, I haven’t worn a watch in years, but am thinking about wearing one again and am completely enamored with the affordable and yet, super-sweet mechanical watches by Orient and Seiko.

  47. My first watch was a G-Shock given to me by my late grandfather but unfortunately I got mugged and lost the watch forever.

  48. My first watch was one of those generic gold tone LCD quartzes so common in the mid ’80s. I want to say it was a Timex, but it could just as easily have been Casio. No matter, it told time well for as long as it lasted.
    What I DO remember is that it had a crystal that was flatter than Louisiana. I’d use it in my early afternoon science class to bounce the light from Mr. Sun onto the back of Mr. *****’s bald head while he scribbled something educational on the chalkboard. Predictably, the class got a real kick out of it. Oh, and Mr. ***** was the serious sort-given to a sour disposition. His scowl made naughtiness all the sweeter!

  49. My first watch was when i was about four or five years old. it was a Dick Tracey transponder watch, got it out of a random cereal box. it had a red cheap plastic band, and had a cool flip top cover. I would steal my fathers dress hat and rain coat, and pretend to arrest imaginary people in the kitchen. I never knew what happened to it but I tell myself if I ever find one in an antique store or flea market that I would not be able to pass it up.

  50. Well, do you want to know my first watch I owned or the first watch I bought myself? That off course, is as different as day and night if you ask me! The very first watch I owned was a Casio and I recieved it for my birthday. My parents were so kind to take me to the shop and let me choose one, and I ended up with a high-tech, digital, revoltionary watch as fas as I was concerned! No less than 7 functions, including a built-inn backlight! How incredible this was at the age of 12 needs no explaining.

    A few years on, now 25 years of age, I recently bought my very first watch myself. I usually go on a year or two/three before my watch is replaced by my parents or a girlfriend. The latest given watch was a modern styled metal Esprit watch and it has been joined by a cheap but elegant OOZOO watch, a bit in the style of the Tag Heuer Monaco.

    Now, to come to conclusion, I have dived into the wonderfull world of watchmaking since the beginning of this year. In search of my next ‘jewel’ around my wrist I have searched the internet in great lenghts. But all of a sudden, I stumbled upon a watch in a department store, and I fell in love…It turned out to be a Certina DS Podium Big Size Chronograph, with black dials, a brown crock-leather strap and a nice butterfly clasp. In June of this year I was able to afford it and waisted no time. I have no regrets at all of shelling out four times as much as my last watch (the Esprit) did but it was worth every penny.

    So, I can say I have two ‘first watches’: a Casio of witch I do not know the model anymore, and a Certina DS Podium Big Size! Both watches did the same thing, amaze me in its own way. They both told time with a design that appealed me very much. The difference is that someones taste does develop along the years and thus I have travelled from a tech-watch like the digital Casio to the classical appearance of the Certina!

    Regards, R. Nooij.

  51. My first watch was a Texas Instruments red LED plastic watch. Anyone remember that one? It was state-of-the-art — at the time!

  52. Well, I suppose I had two “first” watches (you may be able to tell that I don’t allow myself to be a slave to logic or technicalities).

    My first “first” was a badass, indestructible, black rubber Ironman that I wore everywhere. The best features were the endlessly entertaining “Indiglow” button that lit the digital face and the “waterproof to ‘x’ feet” text that I took as a personal challenge to my lungs and ears (makes them pop just thinking about it).

    The second “first” was my great grandfather’s on my mother’s side. I am told that this watch was given to my great-gdad as a 50th wedding anniversary. A present from my correspondingly great grandmother. I put it only a few times as I revered it and didn’t want to break it. Its gold face is quite small and it still has the original (extremely stiff) leather band on it, it really makes you marvel at the art of fitting all that timekeeping machinery in such a small, thin package.

  53. It was a digital G.I. Joe watch from a cereal box. Wasn’t good for much, but it had Duke on it and I like it because of that.

  54. My first watch was a lovely pokemon themed kids watch. I’ve since grown up a bit and could use a stylish new watch to match. Or i could get a new band and keep rocking the pokemon watch, they seem to never go out of style.

  55. My first watch was a Timex, lol my mother bought me it for christmas and it was a horrible small blue watch with a fabric strap, I was only about 7 or 8 but I still knew that it was a tacky watch.

  56. My first watch was a ladies, manual wind Timex. It had a black leather band, white face, and silver hands. In spite of the fact that it was a woman’s watch it made the 6 year old who was wearing it look rather dashing.

  57. My first watch was a small Swatch Watch, the funny colored ones from Switzerland, i was around 6 years old

  58. My fist watch was a Texas Instruments digital watch the kind with the red numbers I was 4 at the time so that would have been 1973. I wish I still had it it would be retro cool now

  59. My first watch was an old Elgin timekeeper with a vinyl strap, but the strap broke quickly and I lost it. Replaced it shortly with a Swatch that used to belong to my parents.

  60. my first watch was a timex digital. iv always loved anything electronic so a digital watch that i could take underwater was a must for me. i feel like im ready for something with a bit more class now though, hopefully this watch is a step in the right direction.

  61. A pocket watch with a train relief on the back… I wanted to be a train conductor as a kid 🙂

  62. My first watch was a Timex that my mom got for me when I was 14. Although it wasn’t anything outrageous or flashy, the watch meant a lot to me because my mom was a single mother raising two kids, going to school for her Masters, and punching the clock at 2 jobs. At that time, it was a nice watch, but to look back at it now it was a sacrifice that my mom made to make me happy. That’s cool.

  63. My first wristwatch was a Timex with a rotating bezel. Because I was 9 and wanted to be a SCUBA diver and, supposedly, the bezel was used to show how much air I had remaining. That bezel rocked.

  64. My first watch? Easy … I was 5 years old and my dad got me a Matchbox Cars watch just before a big trip overseas to see his family. The watch hands glowed and I think there were a couple of cars on the face that glowed also … I was the coolest kid on the block when I got that baby!

  65. Pretty sure it was a Casio, but the important part that I remember was that it had a digital watch in a small window at the top of the face while the rest was a standard watch. I prided myself on setting the watch perfectly so that the second hand moved in precise concert with the change of the digital second. Minor OCD?

  66. blackinches’ first watch was a casio calculator watch. brings a tear to blackinches’ eye thinking about it.

  67. My first watch? Although not quite a sundial, it was a very simple and (for the time) inexpensive Timex. I had to wind it manually. None of those fancy roman numerals, just the basic 1-12, which was a good thing since I got it over 40 years ago when I was (I think) 6, and had no idea how to read roman numerals. I believe it may have been a first communion present from my parents.

  68. My first watch was a Timex with a stretchable metal band. I wore it all over the place until the band broke and the Timex lady told me there were no replacement bands available.

  69. My first watch was a Seiko that looked vaguely like a Submariner. Still have it 30 years later, but it doesn’t get any wrist time now.

  70. First watch was a Guess watch with a shiny blue face and a small digital display above the 6. Still have it even though batteries are dead. I keep it for the memories.

  71. My first watch was a sweet one. A Swatch. Complete with face protector. This was in the 80s, so it was a looker — neon green band and everything!

  72. My first watch had a calculator on it. “Santa” brought it to me when I was about 8 years old. I wore it all the time, until I lost it.

  73. My first watch was a Timex with the indiglo. I would wear it to bed just to play with the indiglo and spell out things in morse code. I loved that watch!

  74. My first watch was a Mickey Mouse mechanical with a nice bright blue strap. I remember my dad telling me not to wind it too much or I would break the spring.

  75. My first watch was undoubtedly something I go from a Happy Meal box, and I’m sure it made me happy at the time, but the first watch I remember buying myself was a Timex Ironman. Great watch, rugged as hell and it had that nice Indiglo that was so convenient in the dark. That watch was so nice it even got stolen from me at gunpoint, and I liked it so much I asked the robbers (politely) to give it back. And they did.

    Ever since then I’ve become a total watch freak, though I’ve never had an automatic, sadly. Currently sporting a Nixon 42-20 – best tide watch ever.

  76. My first watch was the little calculator watch. It was the shiznits bc it had more buttons than all of my friends’ watches. I showed that thing off to everyone and their momma. Ah…good times…good times…

  77. I found my first watch, a seiko calculator watch, in the playground’s sandbox. The multiply did not work, so I had to add the same number to itself as many times to get the right answer. I had a great time with it using it for things like helping my mother keep track the cost of the groceries to stay in the budget. It’s too bad I lost it in the same sandbox a year later, but I know some other kid would enjoy it.

  78. My first watch was a Mickey Mouse watch with his arms for watch hands. It was pretty sweet when I was 8, but quickly grew out of it and got a Timex IronMan watch when I was 10.

  79. My first watch was a Casio G-Shock digital watch. I wore that watch everywhere. Sadly it had to be retired, and now I have a Wenger titanium watch that’s looking pretty beat up.

  80. My first watch was a (for my skinny arms back when I was a kid) a HUGE 43mm Timex dive style watch. I must admit, I still loving making statements–I think I’ll be able to justify that Rolex Submariner before too long :).

  81. My first watch was a Transformers watch in disguise. I loved it. Wish I still had it. I can’t remember who made the watch though.

  82. Sure, I’m sure all of the watches so far are impressive or a lack there of. Being a water lover I was stuck with a aqua blue, freestyle digital, square faced watch that left such a lasting impression that 15 years later I wear, day to day a similar watch (minus the aqua color). Could it be time for a change?

  83. My first watch was really my dad’s watch. I think it was a Timex, black face, silver bezel and a metal band. One of my earliest memories is sitting on his lap, taking his watch off his wrist and placing it on my way-too-small wrist. While on business in Indonesia this summer, I found a watch that looked almost exactly like my dad’s, so I bought it. Now my son sits on my lap, takes my watch off and places it on his way-too-small wrist. When I saw that watch this summer, it opened up a lot of memories for me… Maybe my son will have the same memories in 30 years.

  84. My first was a Casio calculator watch @ 20 yrs ago. I was BY FAR the coolest kid in my advanced math class. Loved it. =P

  85. My first watch was also a Mickey Mouse classic. Later stolen while residing for the day in my mom’s purse. But I have loved brass and leather watches since!

  86. My first watch was a Casio Databank, that could save 50 (!) telephone numbers.

  87. My first watch was one of those rubbery ironman watches that had the cool stopwatch buttons/functions.

  88. When I was eight, my parents gave me a wristwatch from a jewellers shop. It was a child sized mechanical watch in stainless steel. The watch had a simple white face, gold numbering and brown leather strap. A beautiful elegant piece with flowing lines and was very well made
    At the time however all I wanted was a digital watch. I wore the watch for a couple of years until I finally got a cheap digital, a promotional gift from a petrol station. Now every time I go home to my parent’s house, I have a search around for it. I didn’t appreciate it at the time but I would love it now.

  89. My first watch was a cheap Armitron my parents got me for graduation from grade school.

  90. I absolutely remember my first watch — and, in fact, I still have it. It was a white, plastic, Mickey Mouse watch that was always too big for my little girl wrist. I loved it. More than my stuffed animals, more than any doll. But, as I grew up, I got other “more grown up” watches to replace it. And it got relegated to my mom’s jewelry box… and then, eventually, I lost interest in tracking it.
    When I was still a teen, I lost my dad — and then, a few years later, my mom. After my mom passed, I packed up her home and had to go through boxes of memorabilia. Tucked inside her most treasured possessions, I found that white little girl’s watch. She kept it with her diamond ring and my dad’s dog tags from his tour of Viet Nam. And I now it’s tucked away in my “best jewelry” box. As it turned out, I had little boys — not girls — so I dont have anyone in particular to give it to. But, I know that I’ll never part with it. It reminds me of a time that was very precious and — now that I’m a mom myself — I now understand why my own mother kept it in such a protected location.
    p.s. I don’t like to ask for things for myself…but this watch would be a gift to my husband. For the last 10 years, he has supported me and our family so that I could pursue a graduate degree. He’s nothing short of a saint, and I’d like to give him a nice gift this year for the holidays. With money being extra tight this year, this giveaway would allow me to treat him to his favorite passion: watches. Just thought you might want to know how happy you’d make him — and how grateful I would be. Thank you for considering it…

  91. I’ve had my Daffy Duck watch with blue band and silver hands since I was in 8th grade and when I go to meetings, people look at me wierd because I’m the only one wearing an odd looking watch with my suit. I just never bothered to look for a watch since 8th grade and when I do look, I can’t seem to find one that would look good with my suit because I never wore a normal watch before! 🙂

  92. My dad went on a trip to the USA, and all I wanted was a mickey mouse watch. I got one – quartz movement with mickey’s hands to tell the time.

    Then I went through a long period of casio databanks, calculators and Pro-treks. Now I’m a Seiko automatic man through-and-through.

  93. I had a discovery channel explorer watch. It had a compass and magnify glass built in. Prob one of the best watches I’ve owned. It took a heck of a beating back when I was a kid!

  94. My first watch was a red-led where you had to press a button so it would show the time. It was the size of a small third nation country 😀

  95. In 1976 (or thereabouts) my father came back from a month in Japan with a Black Plastic LED watch. I can only presume it was a Casio. What was notable (especially for a young lad such as myself) was that the face below the display was blank and the watch came with several rows of stickers with spaceships and other graphics with which you could decorate the watch. Sadly, I think I was more into the stickers than the watch.

    I’ve been unable to locate this type of watch on the interwebs, if you have any clues as to what it was – I’d greatly appreciate a pointer.

  96. My first watch was a Gruen Precision, manual wind, presented as a Christmas present, 1965. It worked great until it stopped running about 5 years ago (I didn’t know they were supposed to be serviced!).

  97. My first watch was given to me by some random person who had won it in one of those claw machines at an arcade. I was maybe 5 or 6 years old and it was definitely the coolest thing I owned at the time. Lost it in China back in ’98 though 🙁

  98. i don’t even remember my first watch
    the first one probably was a to watch thing
    but a couple of years ago, a friend gave me a Casio watch
    it was the best watch i had until last year when the strap thing broke
    i miss my Casio watch

  99. my first watch was the one you all have seen, the black casio classic digital watch. It did me well!!!

  100. My first watch was a leather and gold mickey mouse watch (the one where his arms are the watch arms). It’s the nicest watch I have owned to date.

  101. My first watch was spiderman watch with a velcro band. Such an awesome watch. Who would of thought that would later become my secret identity!

  102. My 1st watch i had was a watch that my dad gave me back in 1992, it was a Seiko
    Men’s Kinetic Stainless Steel watch. I think i might go back to Kinetic watches, no more wasting money on batteries.

  103. My very first watch was a simple Swiss Army with a brushed band, I loved that watch. I literally wore it to pieces.

  104. My first watch I believe was a Mickey Mouse watch although the first one I actually have memories of was a nerdish calculator watch.

  105. My first watch was a divers watch given to me by my brother who was a U.D.T. (Underwater Demolitions Technician) in Vietnam (1969). It has the movable outer ring and glow-in-the-dark numbers and arms that you have to hold under a light for awhile. It’s the old wind-up type and it still works, if only I could find where I stored it away at.

  106. My first watch was a flik flak. Swiss made of course 😉
    It was blue and kind of fancy in the early 90s.
    I was eight years old and it made me the king in class. Thanks to my parents again – was a perfect christmas gift. It’s still anywhere in the atic.

  107. Ahh…I too had a calculator watch as my first watch. I randomly found it somewhere and if I call correctly it didn’t work…or I was just too young and stupid to figure it out. Waaay too many buttons. Lol.

  108. My first watch was one my grandmother gave me. I was the typical horse crazed girl and she gave me the most incredible “horsey” watch. It had a horse and rider jumping over a big red and white winged jump. It had gold toned hands and trim, and a beautiful hunter green leather strap. I loved that watch. It doesn’t run anymore but it’s still in my jewelry box. No one quite understood my love for horses like my grandmother did.

  109. My first watch was a Timex. It was some military green with a fabric strap. It glowed in the dark. I guess they call it the Camper now, but I can’t remember if that was what it was back then.

  110. First watch I can remember was a black Timex sport watch that I got when I started training for marathons.

  111. I can remember my first watch, it was back in the late 80’s and it was a Def leppard P.O.S lcd watch I think my brother won for me from a CRANE game.

    Man I loved that watch, and man I still love Def Leppard.

  112. My first were a pair of Timex watches, one with a steel band & case, one with black plastic band & case; both had the same LCD display. Each one was $10 in 1980 or so which would make me 6 at the time. I ended up wearing one on each arm. Still have them, come to think of it…

  113. My first watch was a child’s timex given to me when I turned 6 years old. White face, silver hands (with a sweep second hand) and a black leather band. Pretty big deal in 1966. Started my life long love of watches.

  114. A red Power Ranger watch! It only had little lines where the numbers would be and I was so proud I could read the time without seeing them. ^_^

  115. I had an orange swatch and I loved it. I have to go and find it… I should have it somewhere around the house… 😀

  116. My first watch was a Texas Instruments digital watch my parents bought from Radio Shack. It was my big Christmas present that year as it cost them about $100 (think 1983’ish). Two days after Christmas I took it apart to see how it worked and never got it back together.

  117. My first watch was a Casio digital watch. I would wear that EVERYWHERE! School, sleep, shower. The only time I took it off was to rinse of the dried sweat from the plastic watch straps!

  118. My first watch was a REALLY thin Swatch watch with a stainless steel band. Got a lot of compliments on it as a kid.

  119. My first watch was an old Timex Ironman.

    It is now stuck in some old china cabinet where I can’t find it. For well over a decade, everyday at 2:51 the alarms has gone off.

  120. Some of the people here didn’t seem to know what a watch was until they decided to sink $100 into one when they turned 18. My first was of course a plastic Batman watch worth about $5.

  121. my first watch was a soviet Raketa. It fell constantly behind and needed rewinding a lot but I loved it!

  122. My first watch was a Casio that had what at the time were amazing things like an alarm, digital screen, and an ability to play a few simple MIDI songs. I thought it was pretty sweet.

  123. My first watch was one of those POS electronic Pac-Man watches that would fail after a month of playing. I think my parents bought it at Fedco out in SoCal…God, I wonder if they even exist anymore (Fedco, that is).

  124. A cheap black plastic Casio digital with chronograph and alarm, in 1983. I still have it, although the strap is a generic replacement. Still works!

  125. My first watch was a Seiko Mickey Mouse watch from the early 80s, picked up on a vacation to Disneyland.

  126. My first watch was a Timex with a plastic wristband. I’ve avoided plast wristbands ever since.

  127. My first watch that I actually wore was in the 4th grade, and it was a Timex Sportsman waterproof… or something similar to that name. I might even still have it around here somewhere.

  128. A Helbros, when I was 14. It broke before too long, and the watchmaker said it wasn’t worth repairing. Their reputation has certainly varied over the years…

  129. My first watch was a Dick Tracy watch that I won in a contest that was held at my elementary school for who could read the most books over the summer. I read so many books as a kid I never have to read a book again!

  130. My first watch was a manual E.T. watch that was released at the same time the movie came out. I still have it and it still works.

  131. My first watch was a digital Casio that didn’t last even a good month because it got wet under a heavy rain 🙁 (I guess they were still working on a water resistant one) danm you Casio!!!

  132. My first watch was a Superman watch. It had a blue leather band with a picture of Superman flying through the sky. I actually found it not to long ago when I was going through some old boxes. It made me smile to see it once again. I cleaned it up, put in a new battery and passed it on to my 3 year old nephew. I hope it brings him as much happiness as it did me.

  133. Mickey Mouse watch for my 6th birthday. It came with three straps; black, red and yellow

  134. First watch was a Raphael Ninja turtle with a flip top green shell I got for my 7th birthday. My grandfather still asks me (jokingly) where it is now, though I lost it when I was 10.

  135. My first watch was a Mickey Mouse one, where his hands were the hour and minute hands :D. The first real watch I had was a Radioshack Digital Watch, don’t remember what kind. The first analog watch, other than that mickey mouse one, was a Casio.

  136. Gosh, I know my first watch was a Swatch of some sort but I can’t remember what exactly. My first nice watch was a Seiko titanium perpetual calendar that my mother bought me.

  137. My first watch was a crappy pocketwatch I found in a Wal-Mart lot when I was 7. Less than a year later, one of the hands fell off (despite being behind the glass).

  138. My first watch was a Casio Data Bank watch which had a calculator and the ability to actually store phone numbers. High tech stuff for a 10 year old in the early 80’s. My geekdom hit early.

  139. A thirteen dollar Timex with glow in the dark hands and numbers. Many a fun times cupping my hands around it to block out the light to see the glowing watch face!

  140. Mine was some ASAHI low-priced watch. I received it as a present for my birthday when I was 8. Still remember buying and switching batteries =)

  141. my first watch was and still is a Casio Edifice EF-321
    great watch until the leather started to smell

  142. My first watch was a Mickey Mouse analog with a black leather strap. I got it when I was 8 at Disney World when my grandparents took me there. Memories………..

  143. It really wasn’t a watch. It was a precision instrument that measured time, even to the eyes of an eleven year old. It took a long time for me to get it…or at least something like it. I used to look at car magazines a lot and one day I spotted a photo of a big silver chronograph with a macho looking band on the wrist of a Formula One driver. I knew I had to have one. So I showed it to my dad. I thought he forgot about it, but he took me to a department store on my birthday to look for one. Of course I didn’t find the watch I fell in love with from the picture that day. I ended up getting an Armitron that looked almost as good. I have loved watches ever since and am still looking for that F1 Chrono!

  144. My 1st watch was a Timex. Gold-rimmed casing with leather band. My aunt got it for me, and I really didn’t like her at the time. It was moral dilemma whether to rejct the gift, or have to kiss her and take the watch.
    Ya, I was a watch whore even at age 9 and took the watch. Still have it too.

  145. Original Ironman Timex. Got it in seventh grade and still own the same one 15 years later. They really do “take a lickin and keep on tickin”. Except for the cheesy plastic bands which I’ve replaced at least 10 of.

  146. It was a no-name wind-up watch that had an astronaut on the big hand and a lunar space capsule on the little hand.

  147. I inherited a hand-wound vintage Titus Solvil from my Grandfather when I was 8 or 9 years old. Recently had it refurbished, and given that it is about 50 years old, it still keeps pretty good time. Just waiting to pass it on to the next generation.

  148. My first watch was a hand down basic windup watch from my father – it lasted ages, until I managed to get a oh-so-awesome cheap casio!!

  149. A titan .. i dont even remember where its now .. with mobiles i haven used it anymore

  150. My first watch was from a small toy vending machine:),i was 4 years old(1dollar machine) It had the time printed on was right 2 times a day:P

  151. I had a SpiderMan digital watch. It was awesome. All plastic (obviously) with a button on the side that would show you the date. Sweeeeet!

  152. Pulsar LED. Yes, the one that had a blank screen until you pressed a button to light up those big red digits.

  153. My first watch was the Video Music Quartz Michael Jackson “Beat It” watch. I was 7 and it was 1985!

  154. My first watch was a real-deal, first edition Mickey Mouse wristwatch. At some point the crystal broke but I kept on wearing it. One day in church (big crowd) I was winding it, something broke and the hands spun out and took off like a helicopter. I’ve always wondered who they landed on.

  155. My first watch was a Mickey watch. It’s lame, but when you’re 5 a Mickey watch will make you very happy 🙂

  156. My first watch was ugly Russian military industry product. Primitive and reliable.

  157. My first watch was a Playboy watch that was sent to me by my Father from US to Bangladesh, I think I was about 6 years old. At the time, growing up in the Islamic dominant country, and being a Muslim myself (I wasn’t faithful though), wearing a Playboy watch wasn’t a big deal because most people didn’t know what the bunny in the watch meant. It’s funny that even my dad–despite having lived in the US for 5 years at the time–didn’t realize what he was sending me. I wore the watch and replaced the battery for many years. I can’t recall what happened to the watch, but do have to say, I love my babes. Thank you Playboy for opening the door to God’s most beautiful creation. The Playboy watch was a sure sign that I’d live in the US of A one day. Amen!

  158. My first watch was a Benrus Citation, which I won for having the best question of the day on Happy Felton’s Talk to the Stars, the Brooklyn (YES, Brooklyn) Dodgers post-game TV Show. A few years later, while in the bow of a canoe on the Wolf River in Wisconsin, I took it off to wind and another canoe ran into my elbow and the watch fell into the river! Once I was away from the other boy scouts, I cried and cried!

  159. First real watch was a Fossil – I still use it everyday (after 4 or 5 new straps), 15 years later!

  160. My first real watch (except for a timex ironman) was a Wenger world timer (I’ve look all over the net to find the exact model but was unsuccesfull) that a friend gave to me. Even though it’s a good watch, I coudln’t make it works for more than a few months in a row…
    So a new Orient would be perfect!
    Good luck to all!

  161. My first was an early 70s Timex Marlin with a world time feature that had cities in each time zone printed on a rotating bezel. You rotated the bezel so that your time zone corresponded to the hour hand, then each city would be adjacent to its current time.

  162. My first watch was white-faced, black leather banded Timex that my grandmother got me when I was 7 or 8 years old. At one point I lost it while playing in my backyard in the autumn leaves and we found it after the spring thaw. Took a licking and kept on ticking!

  163. Well, my first watch was about 44 years ago when I was 10. I did have a watch and I think that it was

  164. my first watch was a Poljot that was given to me by my grandfather when i was 6. Regretfully i did lose it when the strip broke a couple of years later.

  165. My first watch was a timex with a leather band.Loved it.Thanks for the chance to win.I would love to give one of these to my husband for christmas.

  166. My first watch was a Timex. I was in grade school, and it was very plain and very cheap…LOL

  167. My first watch was a Rolex Submariner that I was able to purchase while serving overseas in the United States Navy. I had the watch for 5 months and the band broke while I was attempting to tie up alongside the ship. The watch just sunk as did my heart. I would guess that since it had an automatic movement it may still be ticking away on he bottom.Istill think about how dissapointed I was that night.

  168. My first was a Timex military style watch with a leather band. I still have it, and it’s hilarious to me how small my wrists used to be.

  169. Whoops, forgot my email!

    My first was a Timex military style watch with a leather band. I still have it, and it’s hilarious to me how small my wrists used to be.

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