CRKT is a company that works with famous knife designers to build affordable and usable versions of classic pocket knives. Their latest lineup is a testament to their dedication to experimentation and, dare I say, their love of making cool sharp things.

The most interesting piece is the Provoke Compact, a reimagined version of the Provoke by Joe Caswell that looks like a cross between a velociraptor claw and something you’d use to open boxes in a dystopian future.

From the release:

The Provoke Compact is a classic reimagined by Joe Caswell, designed to be an ultra portable everyday knife. Wielding power in compact size, its sturdy aluminum handle adds to its superbly lightweight design, doubling in purpose as the perfect self-defense carry. Featuring Kinematic® technology, it stays neatly tucked away in transit. Thumb pressure on the upper crossbar sets the chain reaction in motion, causing the blade to lunge to action while you’ve got a firm grasp on the handle. It’s crafted of aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum for supreme toughness. The pocket clip is also a world’s first—sitting almost completely flush with the handle and likewise activated with light thumb pressure.

The Compact will cost $150 when it ships.

The other new knives include the Kith, the Kova, the Squid, and the Shenanigan. All of them are designed by some of the greatest knife makers in the world and simply turned into retail products by CRKT.

The Squid, for example, is a fascinating piece that is made entirely of metal and uses a clever release mechanism for instant access.

The Squid is designed by Lucas Burnley, an everyday knife gleaming strength and durability at the heart of its design. Complete with Assisted Opening, the knife’s flipper deploys the blade fast, teaming with the IKBSTM ball bearing pivot for added smoothness. Based on the concept of a compact pistol, it’s small in size and big on ability. Don’t let the 2.37” blade fool you; this is a full-on, tactically inspired knife that’s ready to take on your largest cutting challenges. By designing it in a drop-point style, Burnley was able to give the blade a good balance of tip strength and point geometry for utility tasks, packing all the functionality of a full-size tactical folder, into an easy-to-carry design.

It costs $44.99 and is available now.

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