Today, I’d like to bring your attention Magrette’s latest model, the Regattare Bronze.  While the Regattare model is, itself, not a new model, the bronze casing is something quite new to Magrette, and not something you see on many watches.  I, for one, and all in favor of the vintage vibe this watch gives off.

This is something that they’re intending as an homage to vintage yachts, and I can see why this works.  The most obvious reference would be the bronze case – it wouldn’t be uncommon to see bronze in use on a boat. And this also lends itself to customization while you wear the piece.  How so?  Simple oxidation!  The bronze case is intended to develop it’s own patina as you wear it – further ensuring your watch won’t look like any other.

How about other nautical references? I’m sure it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say the brown dial hearkens back to the deeply polished woods you can find on an old boat.  Of course, that color combination (bronze + brown) works quite nicely as well.  Another nod to boating is the wood that is found on the reverse of the case.  The wood is New Zealand Kauri (apparently the oldest, workable, wood in the world), and is inscribed with the number in the production that the watch is (this series is limited to 1000 pieces).

The one part of the watch I’m not as sold on is the leather watch strap.  On it’s own, I really enjoy the red and black color combination on a strap.  I just think that, with the colors present on the watch case and dial, perhaps a brown strap – either extremely light or quite dark – would have made a better choice.  However, at $385 for a limited edition watch with a wonderful vintage look and feel, it would be hard to dismiss it simply for the strap.  In fact, you could then find the strap that fits your exact needs, and still be well within what is considered the “affordable” range.

The specs:

  • Movement: 21 jewels (Miyota) Automatic
  • Case: Bronze, brush finish, 44mm excluding the crown.
  • Crown: Screw down
  • Crystal: Sapphire, AR (anti reflective) coated inside the crystal
  • Water-resistance: 5 ATM (approx 132ft)
  • Strap: 24mm Leather (black with black stitching)




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12 thoughts on ““Customize” while you wear the Magrette Regattare Bronze”
  1. I have put down a deposit for this watch, but agree on the strap. I also own a Helson Sharkdiver and Helson have brought out a bronze version as well. Take a look at the pictures on their website. I think i am going to find myself that strap for my Magrette when it arrives!

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