I don’t even know what to think about this 1000M diving monster. As far as I can tell, this is the guy’s page. He seems to make straps and now these watches. Innaresting.

The Delaurian Diver just landed [BIG Watch Forum]

12 thoughts on “Delaurian Diver DD EM001”
  1. This is the third different brand I’ve seen with this case.Check out Boyd Diver and another with an Italian name being hawked about on BWF.Scam or decent watch?

  2. ah… the never-ending question. remember: watches at this point are like computers – you can buy them OEM, slap on your name, and call it a brand. That’s one reason I like Bathys because he designs all his own stuff.

    However, it’s the “thought” that counts here. If Delaurian sells enough of these, he can go into business designing his own stuff and move on from there. It’s kind of like supporting an artist early in their career.

  3. Exactly! So I guess I can buy a Mike LTD ED dial as well and pawn it off on the world. Don’t get me wrong…I LIKE the watch, just not the rather shopping network ™ mentality that is being hawked around it..exclusive..hardly.

  4. i enjoyed reading the comments indeed 🙂

    if you would like to know more, please contact me., i am always happy to help shed some light on this process 🙂

    i have been in the watch buisness for a very long time, starting in the london watch markets many years back, stints making watches in switzerland, working in factories in china, working with the german company wempe, french company deboulle, and the italian company grimoldi., as well as making straps for years, distributed the sdw 12,000m dive watches years back, as well as sandstrom from sweeden for a bit, designed watches for factories in switzerland, as well as china, had enzo watches that sold watches mainly online and via trunk shows, about 10 years ago, which offered high end watches like ap, jaeger, patek, journe, etc, and was well known for it’s customer service, helped introduce the launch of roger dubuis in the usa at the pierre hotel for the press illustrating the movement specs etc., as i remember matthew morse from watch time was there and just getting the magazine started when i spoke and showed the watches, sales of ventura, fortis, as well as consulted for most of the high end watch stores in new york city, as well as barney’s new york, and etc…etc… so just for the record, i design watches that are sold to factories, and then get labeled with others names, just did a 2000m case design that is for private label. as far as the custom shop watches i do with custom dials, they are a limited run i offer for clients, as it is something quite special to have, something i always said i would do once i got out of working with other watch companies that would never consider such things. i personally work on each watch myself, as well as i am there doing the assembly as well as putting the bezels on, etc.., and i have a desk at the factory where i work on my things, so it is far from an oem gig, you have that very wrong, and do not know the story at correctly my friend, i do, as i am here doing it every day. the bezels, large crown, logo designs, dials, hands, custom backs, screwed case lugs,bracelet, logo deployant, as well, as ultra thick 5.5 mm sapphire crystal, are all in house EM enhancements that are not offered on the other base cases. enzo mechana as well as emv are under the same umbrella, and only one other watch that just came out has used our bracelet.
    seldom do i jump in and interfere with the fre market, but i wanted to shed a little light 🙂 and a little truth


  5. Dear Enzo,
    thanks for your passion in creating such a great watch, luckily I can see it in HK.
    Well done!

  6. ENZO, I not only like your masterpieces, but I also like your style. Nice going and I will own one of your wonderful creations. Thanks and keep up the great work… ddools

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