Good thread on WuS about stores vs. online sales. Bottom line – if you want a warranty you can trust, go to an authorized dealer. If you want a deal, go online.

i’m new to the internet forum thing, so when i came across this site i’m amazed at what a helpful resource it is! i have always purchased my watches from local stores, but now with the help of google i see there are places online where you can get supposedly genuine watches for much cheaper.

what really hit home for me was i just purchased a zenith at a local store and paid about $900 under list price. a few weeks later i find out that there is watch stuff on the internet and see my same watch for almost $2500 under the list price.

so my question is do most people still buy from the local guy or is buying from the internet the way to go these days?

internet dealers and did i pay too much? [WatchuSeek]

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  1. this article went down. can you repost the link. I am interested in this as well, having recently paid 900 dollars more at the retailer vs. online…

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