We bring you a wide variety of watches, though we sometimes give short shrift to those considered to be on the “fashion watch” end of the spectrum. That said, everyone has different tastes in what they’re looking for in a watch, so we thought we’d tell you about their new Under Construction collection, as well as the new Griffed chronograph.

Here, you can see Diesel took inspiration from traffic cones, traffic barrels, and those high-visibility safety vests that we all see in construction zones for the dials on this collection. The three watches are existing to the catalog, so it’s primarily the colorway that’s new. That said, the MS9 and Mega Chief watches both have straps with reflective stripes on them, which I think is pretty clever. The three come in at a variety of price points: MS9 Watch ($180), Mega Chief Watch ($260), Boltdown Watch ($425).


Diesel is also introducing a new chronograph design that they’re calling teh Griffed. While there are six different variants (ranging in price from $220 – $260), I’ve placed the most colorful one up there at the top (obviously via a treatment on the crystal). There is no denying these are big watches (48mm), so it’s fortunate they’ve done them up “destro” style and put the pushers and crown on the left side of the case. I do also like that they’ve wrapped some crystal protectors on there as well to help keep things safe.


Are these Diesel watches for everyone? I’d venture to say, no, they’re not. However, if you want a big, bold, and relatively inexpensive splash of color for your wrist heading into these dreary months, I’d say rock what you like. shop.diesel.com

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