I’ve been jet-setting quite a bit lately, so I don’t recall if it was on a flight from Chicago or from Baltimore, but I recently perused the pages of The Robb Report Collection, because of course I exemplify the luxury lifestyle. And I stumbled upon Wind Me Up: Orbita a lovely article by Christian Gullik. The article describes how Chuck Agnoff became interested in watch winders and eventually founded Orbita, a company that “sells a variety of watch winders in styles ranging from sleek modern to ornate baroque, accommodating between one and 40 watches.”

A visit to Orbita’s website introduces the company’s magnum opus: the Bergamo 40. This marvel of watch technology and art houses 40 automatic winders in an Italian-made cabinet where a remote controlled lift mechanism raises and lowers the watchwinder module for viewing and loading. In it’s lowered state, the piece of furniture leaves no clue as to the horological marvels hidden inside. The unit can be produced in Madrona Burl, Mahogany Parquet, or Brazilian Rosewood. Prices range from $45, 000 to $46,000.

Stylish, sophisticated, and secure… James Bond would be proud.


5 thoughts on “Disappearing Watch Winder”
  1. Automatic wrist-watch winders? Bizarre.
    Why do watches have to be wound constantly?

    Anyway host, I would like to know what your opinion is of a watch called the Croton Limited Swiss Watch?

    While channel-surfing I see this item retail priced at $14,500 marked down to $399 on QVC. Is this something you can really find laughable or is it actually a good deal?

    I think the watch itself is actually very ugly. You can see ALL the moving parts.

  2. all automatic watches should be constantly wound to save extra wear and tear on the winding springs.I’ve got a seiko divers watch and it’s just cost over £200 GBP for a service (ouch)

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