So, did our review on the Magellan (parts 1 and 2) pique your interest?  If so, you’re in luck!  Head over to Irreantum’s store, and you can use the code “wwr” (without the quotes) to get $25 off your order.


  1. And honestly, I suppose Doxa didn’t follow any trends when their famous divers came out either:

    Yes, it pays tribute to Doxa in a number of ways, but it’s a great option in the microbrew market for those wanting a large cushion case on a reasonable budget and with quality. Fantastic bracelet, excellent bezel, 500WR, copious amounts of lume.

    I’ve owned an orange-faced Magellan for awhile, and it’s been a wonderful timepiece. Good on Courtney & Matt Wilson at Irreantum for their work on the Magellan!

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