We need help. I’ve been maintaining WWR out of pocket for years and have tried to steer away from heavy advertising. But things are changing and I could use some help. All I ask is for you to hit the big red donate button right over on the side of the site and drop a few dollars via Paypal or simply click here.


Want to really help? Let’s do Patreon. I tried this for Hourtime and it worked so I’m going to try it here. Basically I’ve created a Patreon page that allows you to pledge to WWR on a monthly basis. Think of it as a tip jar. I want to pay Patrick and Matt what they’re worth but, as you can see, the site doesn’t make much in advertising and I’ve never gone out of my way to suck up to watch companies for ad dollars. Hence, I pay these guys and for the server fees out of my pocket.

We see about 40,000 visitors a month. That means we have some dedicated fans. I’m not asking for much: $1 is enough to add a little gas to the tank. My mission has long been to focus on affordable watches and, sadly, it seems like WWR is no longer affordable for me to run.

Regardless of the pledge, I want to thank you for being a loyal reader. It’s been fun.

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