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Don’t Miss Episode Three of The HourTime Show


Casioak! SKX! Speedmaster! Oh my! That’s right, friends: the third episode of the rebooted HourTime Show podcast is now available and boy is it a hoot.

In this week’s episode John goes mad with power as he decrees, as if by fiat, whether or not he’ll “allow” Victor to enjoy his new microbrand diver or whether or not he’ll “allow” the watch industry to continue churning out retro-inspired watches, among other weighty decisions. Heavy is the head that wears the crown—or something.

We also find time to discuss the evolution (devolution?) of the Seiko SKX into the Seiko 5KX, the sheer amount of text on the caseback of the latest Omega Speedmaster, and a very fancy-looking Zenith El Primero.

Liking the show? Disliking it? Let us know either way via email at [email protected], via Twitter (John is @johnbiggs, Victor is @vmarks, and I’m @nicholasadeleon), or via our slowly improving Instagram @wristwatchreview.

Enjoy, and see you next week!


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