Touch of Modern (join here is you are not already a member), is a limited time, members only sales site that features lots of guy-centric goods.  For our audience, it is the watches that really matter, and the site does feature a lot of watch sales.   Today, they’ve got a flash sale (24-hour pricing) on the series of Eone Bradley Watches.

For those not familiar, these watches were inspired by an ex-Naval officer who lost his sight.  We first wrote about the watches here, and then managed to find you a hands on review from another source right here.  While I haven’t seen these in person, the concept behind them is very, very intriguing.

If you find yourself in the same boat, get moving over to Touch of Modern (sale page).  With the special pricing they have going today, you can pick up one, with prices ranging from  $199 to $229, which is a tidy discount.

Just to recap – the Eone Bradley is interesting watch and there is special pricing for just one day.  If you need a membership, sign up via this link and get yourself a $10 credit to boot.


Last Update: March 17, 2015

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