It is that time, once again, for us to cast our eyes over to see what our pals at Everyday Carry have on tap. Which, when you think about it, a watch truly is an everyday carry sort of an item for most of us. Sure, it may not be the same watch every day, but admit it – your wrist feels funny when you don’t have a watch on it, doesn’t it? Of course, a watch is not the only thing you can carry, and today, we have two different roundups for what else you might consider – heavy-duty multitools, or non-locking pocket knives.


First up, let’s talk the multi-tools. These are the sorts of tools-within-tools that are really too large to fit in a pocket easily, and are better served living in a backpack or in a glovebox. I know for myself, I have a fairly inexpensive one that I picked up a long time ago knocking around in the family car, so I have a fairly basic set of tools should I need them while we’re out and about. There have been a lot of innovations and changes since I picked that up those years ago, and you have quite a few options. Unsurprisingly, Leatherman takes three of the five spots here, with Victorinox and Gerber rounding out the list. You can see the full rundown right here.


What about a knife to carry in your pocket? In many places (both here in the States and abroad) it can be illegal to carry a knife with a locking blade (this is a blade that locks into place, and cannot accidentally close). I personally like a locking blade, given the additional safety it offers, but there are some arguments to be made for a non-locker in daily carry, even if you do no need to have one due to local laws. In this solid overview of the segment, there are a variety of knives with all sorts of looks. Sure, the classic Swiss Army knife (from Victorinox) shows up, but there are plenty of others from brands I had never heard of, including a few that meet such strict rules for a particular country, they are likely to be legal the world over. That does not excuse you from knowing local laws (either where you live or where you travel), but it should help ease things along. Check out the full listing right here.

Have something of interest you saw over at Everyday Carry, or perhaps a pocket dump of your own that you’ve submitted? Feel free to drop us a line and let us know!

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