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Everyday Carry Pocket Dump, Engineer/Manager


With Patrick and John posting their every day carry, I figured I would get in on the fun and post mine.  Read on to see what I have in my pockets and around my person on a normal day.

EDC MattI do not bring along very much with me on a day to day basis, just the things that I consider essentials.  So for my everyday carry dump, all I have on me are my wallet, my keys, my phone and a watch.  The other thing I carry most everywhere, but is too big to carry in my pocket, is my iPad in a Switcheasy case.

Matt EDC 4I stopped using bifold and trifold wallets a long time ago, and exclusively use a leather card case as a wallet (Coach makes a nice one, but I think my current one is from someone else).  It has two pockets on either side and a larger pocket in the center.  It is small enough to fit in a front pocket and it isn’t so thick that it causes back pain in a rear pocket.  My keys are a requirement, with keys for 2 cars, a house key, keys for two types of bike locks, a Yelp! bottle opener and a mini carabiner.

Matt EDC 1Writing for WWR, I would be remiss if I was not wearing a watch, and the day I took this photo I had on my Praesto GMT Automatic (I have 9 watches I wear regularly, plus review watches when they come in).  Finally, I have my Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD.  My main concern in looking for a smartphone was a long lasting battery life.  I am a weekend warrior, and will use Strava on my phone to track my activities when I bike or hike, and I use a GPS app when golfing.  I wanted to make sure that I could run the GPS for several hours without running out of power.

Matt EDC 2And that really is it.  The camera on my phone is what I use if I am somewhere and need to take an unplanned photo or video, and I only tote a larger camera when I am pretty sure I am going to use it.  I also use the flashlight app on my phone when I need to read a menu in a dimly lit restaurant, so I don’t have a flashlight or lighter.  I take notes on my iPad when I am in a meeting, so I don’t carry a pen or notebook.  everydaycarry.com

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