EDC 151008b1This week for our look at Everyday Carry, our opportunity to pick the pocket of various people across the globe and see what they call essential, I have pocket dumps from a technologist and a business owner.  First up is the post above, courtesy of Peter Thompson, Technologist.  The watch he chose to share is Prometheus Jellyfish in titanium.  While we have not had the Jellyfish in for a review, we have looked at a couple of Prometheus watches and find them to be well built and affordable divers.EDC 151008a1Next up are Christian’s essentials.  He is a business owner and a weekend woodworker, and likes these tools (including a vintage measuring tape), when scouring the lumberyard.    His watch is a Seagull 1963 hand wound mechanical chronograph.  I have not checked out a Seagull watch (though I should be shortly), but the brand has a solid reputation for producible budget mechanical and automatic movements (I have at least one in my watch collection).

As always, if you submit your own EDC to the site, please be sure to drop us a line so we can gather up the reader submissions to do a roundup. everydaycarry.com



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