We are a bit overdue for showing our pals over at Everyday Carry some love, so today we are going to give you a one-two punch from their recently published articles. The first item is a pocket dump that features a watch John recently wrote up, and the second is a gear roundup of their top items from May.


First up, let’s talk pocket dump. In this case, it’s coming from an airline pilot, and for some reason I think it’s just pretty awesome that he’s carrying the Ray-Bans rather the more to-be-expected aviators (not that I’d mind sporting a pair from Randolph Engineering, mind you). He’s got the other things you might expect a pilot to carry, such as a flashlight, pens, headset (well, maybe not, I didn’t know pilots brought their own), and a notebook. That notebook tips us off to the watch in the image, which is not your typical pilots watch.

No, Travis here is carrying a BOLDR chronograph, which John wrote about here. How did he get a hold of a watch that is still in it’s funding phase? Well, probably the same way we get our prototypes, they come directly from the folks behind the brand. But hey, all the more power to him for supporting the little guy, and giving the BOLDR watch some real-life usage and testing. Should settle the qualms of anyone on the fence with regards to backing them, if a pilot trusts it, no?



If you prefer your watches a little bit (or a lot, actually) more digital and from a large and well-known brand, then you will want to check out the top trending gear of May from Everyday Carry. For your watch-viewing pleasure, it turns out that the Casio G-Shock Rangeman (which also came from a pocket dump) proved interesting. And really, if you’re going to be headed into the outdoors, pairing an ABC (alitmeter-barometer-compass) functionality with the legendary G-Shock toughness and reliability is definitely the way to go. Also on the wrist front, I was surprised to see the Leatherman Tread showing up, as it seems to be a poor compromise between functionality and carry-ability. I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather have a true multi-tool with a real handle.


Another pocket-specific items from the Everyday Carry roundup that I was particularly curious about was the Titanium Mini Q Key Organizer from this pocket dump. I have seen key organizers a-plenty, and while I appreciate the concept, I do not have enough loose keys to justify having them in a device of this nature. With this one from Mini Q, however, you have a modest two-key carry, which would be perfect for my house and office key. The kicker here, for me, is that the Mini Q is really a nice little pocket knife that happens to be able to tuck those keys into it’s handle. It makes for a nice, compact package, and being out of titanium, it should not weigh down your pockets. I’m not saying I’m about to jump into the world of key organizers just yet, but if I do, this could be one that pushes me into the pool.


With that, we’ll wrap up our look into the world of Everyday Carry items. Let us know in the comments below what you found particularly cool from the May gear roundup. Past that, if you’ve submitted a pocket dump to Everyday Carry, be sure to drop us a line as we’d love to check out what our readers are carrying (you can see what John, Matt, and I carry here, here, and here). Until next time, space cowboy… everydaycarry.com

By Patrick Kansa

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