Ah, fashion watches. Always confusing, vaguely exciting, and really expensive. Today’s entrant in the Top Fashion Watch category comes from Fendi. These folks have produced a watch that looks like the data port on the Death Star or, barring that, a naval flag.

“A voyage through time from the mysterious myth to the future, Policromia is the new exclusive Fendi Timepieces watch designed in collaboration with Delfina Delettrez Fendi, globally renowned jewelry designer,” writes Fendi. “The name Policromia origins from the Greek words poly (multiple) and khrôma (colors), embodying the idea of several colors together, with a mystic reminder to a surreal Goddess living in a far world.”

Whoa. Surreal goddesses, Greek words, and mysterious myths? Sign me up.
“A combination of colors on different surfaces, multiple shaded pieces, precious inserts and asymmetrical bezels made in noble materials, create the watch’s daring silhouette with a unique 3D effect, enhancing the importance of time, innovation and evolution of the watch’s design,” writes Fendi. Ok. Not so exciting in this graf but whatever.

“The natural elements and materials, a play of stratifications and geometries celebrate Rome and its eternal magnetism in a whispered way,” they write. “Whispered Way” is my new euphemism for nearly anything.

These are women’s watches primarily and come in 33mm and 38mm face. For your trouble you’re going get some nice white diamonds, obsidian, malachite, and lapis lazuli. To be clear I actually like the design of these things even though they probably cost more than a new entry-level Tesla. While I can’t approve of some of their language (“A cyborg attitude and Greek echoes perfectly meet together in Policromia, blending tradition and innovation, values dear to FENDI, while attracting with its vibes a self-confident woman looking for the highest sophistication”) I can approve of the message: this is a watch for the lady (or small man) who has his head in ancient Rome and his body in a jet speeding to Biarritz.

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