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Don’t worry, this post won’t be preaching to you about “peace and love, man.”  Instead, we’ll be taking a look at some watches from Mr. Jones that are currently on offer over at Watchismo.

Obviously, these watches have a floral motif to them, but it’s not a randomly-selected pattern.  The two watches are based on floriography, which is “the Victorian system for ascribing a specific meaning to different flowers. This system was used as a way for lovers to send secret messages to each other (the message was only visible to those who could interpret the code).”

How much that actually impacts what you see here, remains to be seen.  What you do have, however, is a floral pattern that aligns, and then breaks apart as the hands move.  In practice, that means you’ve got a constantly evolving display.


There are two watches in the collection, and each is a limited edition of 100 pieces, individually numbered and signed.  Those two models are:


The shape of the arbutus flower forms the basis for this design. The Epigaea repens, or mayflower, is native to north America. It produces tiny heavily scented flowers that appear in April. In floriographic terms it carries the meaning, “you’re the only one I love.”


In Japan the coming of the cherry blossom in spring is a much anticipated event. Hanami is the custom of gathering to view and enjoy this blossom (sakura). Sakura is associated with mono no aware ( ????) a concept that embodies an awareness of the transience of things and a wistfulness at their passing. The cherry flower carries the meaning, “remember, life is brief.”

If these watches had static displays, I doubt they’d even show up on this blog.  Here, though, I like the “animation” they’re doing.  In the end, these are rather interesting takes on what could have been a boring quartz watch.  They’re appropriately sized for a smaller wrist and, at under $200, they won’t break the bank.

If you want to check them out at Watchismo, click on the model names above to be taken to the appropriate product page.



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