Please consider picking this up. I’d prefer one of you guys to have it than sell it on eBay.



14 thoughts on “For Sale – Glycine Airman GMT 2000 – REDUCED”
  1. that is a good looking watch!!!

    hey what about the ‘bulova’ brand of watches? never hear about them on this forum but they’re a watchmaker that specializes in giant billboard advertising.

    anyone else remember burgess meredith doing the v.o. for their commercials? “it’s bulova watch time. . “

  2. p.s. but isn’t the outer bezel on that watch a bit useless though? 2,4,6,8 . . .what’s the purpose?

  3. hey lookit this site for “replica watches” I receive in my spam mail box!

    I think I am being targeted because I subscribe to some prominent, authoritative watch sites these days :o) in my attempt to rise from my watch-n00b status

    oh well, good for some laughs anyway

  4. I am actually LOOKING for a good replica of the classic Glycine Airman 24-hour self-winder, as I understand that someone in the Far East is making one. I can’t afford the new, redone, external bezel “classic” from Glycine, or even a refurbished used one, but while on active duty in the ’70’s and ’80’s I wore out two real Glycine Airmen, and I would love to have at least the illusion of having another, so long as it is of reasonable quality and not too expensive.

  5. Cruel but fair,
    The outer bezel is set to local time and the watch time is set to GMT. That way when you change time zones you don’t have to adjust the time.

  6. I have my father’s Glycine GMT 2000, I am trying to get information on it. I can only find the “airman” GMT 2000 and it is not an airman. Just a plain Glycine GMT 2000. Any help??

  7. Is there anyone who has information on my comment of where can I get information on the GMT 2000 watch that I have? I need it repaired and I also need a recommendation for a reputable repair shop. Thank you

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