Hi, all. A year ago I set up a Patreon Page for WristWatchReview and, quite nobly, someone gave us a dollar. That is arguably a dollar the team didn’t have before but it is arguably also pretty rough. Here’s what’s up: I want to hire a few more people for the site. I want to pay Patrick and Matt more. I want to make this far better than it is today. And I don’t want to be beholden to watch brands to do it. So that’s where you come in.

Pop over here. Pledge a dollar per month. If enough of you do that we’ll be out of the red and into the black. I will be able to give this site the focus it needs and the lads will finally be able to afford to feed their watch habits. This has ALWAYS been a labor of love, from day one in 2004, and I think we can make some amazing stuff together. Please help if you can.


  1. Do you have a “day job” other than online blogging? I’m not being sarcastic, just genuinely curious. I do enjoy your podcast…when you put them out.

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