While many turn their noses up at what are commonly known as “fashion watches”, they have their place. For those who are less concerned with knowing the time (treating it as a side benefit) and instead looking for an accessory to their aesthetic, well, that’s where they fit. While some Diesel watches can come across as very bold (read: dramatically oversized), the Diesel Cliffhanger is actually rather restrained.


By that, we mean first and foremost the case size – 36mm. This means the Diesel Cliffhanger will fit a variety of wrists, and with the integrated bracelet or strap, it’s not going to come across as particularly small. Should you want to be more restrained in your look, four of the five models are precisely that. The fifth, which has an iridescent (and colorful) treatment to the crystal definitely pops out the most.


Here’s how Diesel describes this newer collection:

Designed with a vertical dual-level drop-off on the dial at three, the watch is power forward in its squared-off style. Offered in five vintage and modern colorways that meet the mood and an all new limited-edition chrome design featuring mirrored glass detailing.


Is it going to be for everyone? No, probably now. I mean, it’s not my style, but I can see the appeal in that rainbow crystal for sure. Past all of that, what’s particularly odd is that if you go to the Diesel website, you can’t actually find the Cliffhanger amongst their watches. You can no doubt find it at your local department store, but for online? We’ll point you to WatchStation or Amazon, where the 5-piece collection is available, with pricing ranging from $150 to $210. amazon.com


Tech Specs from Diesel

  • CASE SIZE – 36MM
  • LUG WIDTH  – 18 or 28MM
  • CASE MATERIAL – Stainless Steel
  • STRAP/BRACELET – Leather or Stainless Steel

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